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The Digital Guru: Sarvesh Pancholi

The Digital Guru: Sarvesh Pancholi

Just because your life changes doesn't mean that your deepest passion has to. Very rare to see such people who follow this rule in their life and the one who has followed has set an example which needs to be praised. As this person has reached the greatest level of success one could not achieve at a very early age as he is just 22 now. His hard work, persistence, and determination really should be appreciated with a pat on the back.

The Pillar of one of the leading Digital Marketing firm DIGIHAKK, Sarvesh Pancholi, born on 12th August 1996 and is based out in Indore. He has faced a lot of challenges to build this empire called DIGIHAKK. They have built some great techniques related to digital marketing. They have spread their roots in Udaipur, Indore, and Ahmedabad by now and focusing on extending their concepts all over so that they can train the youth to grab some exciting position and gain experience in Digital Marketing. The real focus is to build opportunities for others.

There has been a lot of struggle in his life but nothing stopped him. He started off from a very early age. He established his first company when he was just 16 named "SCHOOL SECURITY" which provides training in ethical hacking and services. But this is not been achieved without challenges. The biggest challenge for him was having less experience in this field and most importantly a lot of financial crisis, but by the time he was 18, he reached another milestone by starting off with 3-4 startups. Now that's a bigger achievement at this less age."Age factor was an issue. I had to drop out my college and take up this big Risk at the age of 18 which helped me build 3-4 startups. But that failed and now I am proud of myself that I could establish a giant in the Digital Marketing field which is DIGIHAKK", says Sarvesh.

Learning should never stop. Gaining knowledge and sharing of knowledge is most important in life to reach success. He at present also self trains himself to be better each day by polishing his skills to face new challenges. Hats off to this young man who was been confident in himself believed in his dreams and had a courage to take up the risk.

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