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The Intriguing Tale of Maybelline…

The Intriguing Tale of Maybelline…

Have you ever thought that the love of a brother for his sister can give birth to the idea of a venture and prove to be successful? Setting up a business and making it a worldwide brand is not a walk in the park. And one has to keep a nose to the grindstone to achieve it. Maybelline is one such brand; its impeccable journey began in the 20th century. At present, the estimated annual revenue of the company is $95M. 

Every brand has a backstory but Maybelline owns a very fascinating story. The discovery of the brand was not a simple business strategy, it was way more than that. The tale commenced with Tom Lyle Williams, a 19-year-old boy who came up with this idea. It struck him when he observed his sister preparing a mixture of coal dust and Vaseline together and then applying it on her eyelashes to give them a voluminous and jet black color look. Then he took inspiration from this idea and did an experiment producing the eye product which was given the name Lash-Brow-Ine. 

Soon the product became popular among the local population. But it was not ready to become a worldwide brand as the name wasn’t that appealing to grab the attention of the businessmen around the world. 

Now it was a task to decide the name and this time he did not have to go too far, he chose the name of his sister, as she was the reason behind the inspiration of the discovery. Like this he came up with the first half name of the mascara i.e. Maybel the second half was kept on the name of Vaseline and together it became Maybelline. This story behind the name made it one in a million and people connected with it as it was the tale of a brother and sister.

From the beginning itself the brand used to focus on the eyes, their first modern beauty product Maybelline Cake Mascara came in 1917 and it was made for daily use. The product was a hit. Then later in 1960, they introduced Ultra Lash which claimed to provide the long, full, and curvy effect to the eyelashes.

Later they tried their hand into more variety of cosmetics for example lipsticks, nail paints, etc. in 1960 putting up mascara and other eye products indicated that the girl as evil.  The daily soaps evil characters of women were portrayed by their eye makeup only. And this became the reason for the rise of the company because it was producing different styles of eye makeup/cosmetics.

We have seen at present i.e. 2020 that the brand produces products for different income groups and products suitable for different age groups too. This policy was adopted from the 20th century only which was from the beginning of their business. The Brand doesn’t portray a specific image of a woman, that how she should be, what is the definition of beautiful. They rather made women feel pretty no matter what age they are in, what complexion they have always concentrated on the happiness of the women.

And since then they haven’t looked back and are hailing in the industry. Cheers to their journey!


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