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The Karn’s Wecript : Securing Privacy, Freedom and Information

The Karn’s Wecript : Securing Privacy, Freedom and Information

Due to regular increase in internet,  people are getting dependent on internet that leads to give up their personal information online that might be a major issue for internet users. To tackle this situation skarn RoboticS launched their product line Wecript to provide internet users freedom, privacy and accurate information online.

Wecript is the first Made in India private search engine that lets you search without compromising your privacy. It has the best state-of-the-art technology that makes the web safer for internet users. The Wecript search engine runs on its own inbuilt browser that has various features like private download manager, clean design, app lock, reader mode, etc. The in-house Wecript browser provides an extra layer of security which prevents data tracking and data leakage while searching or browsing online.

The founder of skarn robotics and Wecript The KARN takes the responsibility of securing your online data privacy. He and his startup believes that technology has to be used for development and advancement of Mankind. Unfortunately, most search engines misuse personal information for their profit. That’s why skarn robotics and wecript founder the KARN launched wecript search search engine and other tech products .

The KARN used his tech industry knowledge and passion of technology,  and came up with Wecript with the goal to build the best possible digital and tech products that are safe and secure for the users. He believes in honesty, integrity, professionalism, and mutual respect. sKarn RoboticS, Wecript and founder hold themselves accountable to their users, staff, and investors by honoring  his  commitments, providing results, and continually striving to provide the highest quality security products, services and a great online secure searching experience.

Their strategy is very focused and simple; they are constantly working towards providing online freedom, privacy and security to its users . Wecript search engine has come forward to address this threat and reassure people that their privacy is our responsibility. Wecript search engine provides fundamental rights to its users that is freedom, information and privacy. Hence, their main focus is to make the searching, browsing and online communication safe and secured for everyone. 

With thousands of users already available on play store and on search engine web app, this  indian tech startup is ready to take over the market like a storm, not just in India but the whole world. Apart from users, many indian and global investors also have been showing interest in this made in India tech startup.

Wecript is the solution to all the problems of internet users that have been found by providing them online freedom, privacy and accurate information. For more details about product and details visit -  wecript.org 

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