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The man behind the Malayalam film industry: Kevin Varghese

The man behind the Malayalam film industry: Kevin Varghese

At the age of 26, Kevin Varghese did more than 200 movie promotions & is managing 50 + celebrity pages on social media sites such as Facebook & Instagram.

Kevin started Filmydude in 2016,  Filmydude is an entertainment news portal catering to people with Bollywood news and gossip. His clients are very satisfied with his way of working and greets him with 1billion views on youtube.

His working ability was appreciated as he works for many music labels like Sony Music India, Zee Music Company, Times Music, Music 24/7, Yash Raj Johar, Universal Music, Friday Film House, Goodwill Entertainment, and many more. By effort and excellence, Kevin had put up his firm Filmydude, which is in the field of digital marketing, and became a valuable Indian entrepreneur.

Gradually Filmydude set victory doors for a number of Malayalam movies and Punjabi songs.

 At present Kevin is doing a Hollywood movie by Frame Production named “Disguise in Fact” The movie is showing tremendous ratings on the chart.

Integrating the digital marketing approach, the serial entrepreneur becomes the game-changer for brands rather than just drafting a nice to have a strategy. 

As per the recent report, the digital marketing industry is growing at a rate of 25-30 percent in India annually. India is one of the leading countries in the world to have the largest Facebook population.

The social media channels, high-speed digitization, online portals, etc have led to the exponential growth of digital marketing, observing the growth of the industry.

Kevin Varghese has evolved and emerged as a smart digital professional that delivers work further with greater efficiency.

Kevin Varghese is the real source of inspiration for many youngsters who want to pursue their dreams. they build a future with somebody whom they don’t know personally which is really amazing.

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