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The Pandemic Journey Of CauldronSisterss: Grabbing Opportunities & Acing Them

The Pandemic Journey Of CauldronSisterss: Grabbing Opportunities & Acing Them

The two superwomen Ratika and Riccha (Ratzz & Ritzzy) have led the discovery of new-age food consultants in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Beginning their exciting journey back in 2015, CauldronSisterss (Ratika and Riccha) have explored more or less every aspect of the food domain. Entering into the unconventional field of exclusive food packaging, today they’re world-renowned chefs, authors, and famous social media personalities. From gaining expertise in diverse cuisines from all around the world, they also take up several workshops and training courses. Their experience in culinary art is both impressive and surprising. They’re enormously passionate about food and therefore are keen on mastering the art of it. There is hardly any field left related to food that they haven’t been a part of. CauldronSisterss’ dedicated journey is an encouragement for those who are ready to turn their dreams into reality.

Back in 2020, due to the advent of a worldwide pandemic, many activities came to a halt. Even the food industry had to face many setbacks. However, some people managed to find opportunities even in these hard times. The best examples are Ratika and Riccha. Despite all the ongoing constraints, they acknowledged the significance of digital media and started doing what they’re best at - cooking food! Amidst the covid pandemic, they started the online series #SistersKeSathCookKaroNa. Here, they used to teach easy food recipes using ingredients that are easily available at home. The main aim of the series was to engage the audience with simple yet fulfilling food ideas even during the quarantine. The idea was greatly appreciated and loved by the viewers. Already holding a huge fan following on social media platforms, this added more to CauldronSisterss’ popularity. Audiences were quite impressed and enthusiastic to try those mouth-watering recipes. Also, the authenticity and flavor of home-cooked food further made the content unique.

CauldronSisterss’ food recipes are so popular and loved by people that they are commonly featured in print media. Dainik Bhaskar is an Indian Hindi-language daily newspaper that is quite prominent in the state of Rajasthan. Their publishing team approached CauldronSisterss for their unique yet simple recipes.

Nevertheless, CauldronSisterss (Ratika and Riccha) are the symbols of optimism and perseverance even in challenging times. Their initiative of starting an online series was not only a good professional decision but also from the audience’s point of view. It helped in engaging more people into something worthwhile despite all the negativity and stress.

CauldronSisterss believe that in this digitized era even distance is no barrier. In these times, they provide virtual consultancy services to their clients across the country and even internationally. They’ve even conducted several online courses and workshops for individuals passionate about food.

Further, they’ve also featured in a few episodes of a cookery show for Zee Rajasthan. On international television, CauldronSisterss shot two episodes for London Based Blue Marlin TV, portraying Indian home cooking rituals and exclusive Rajasthani cuisine. CauldronSisterss have gathered amazing recognition from customers, followers, communities, and organizations while following their initiative of promoting Indian Cuisine and its rich, cultural flavors.   

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