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The self-made star- DJ DYNAMIKE (Richard Dimonti) DJ & Music Producer

No boundaries can limit the spread of love through music. Be it a toddler or an adult, one genre that makes us all hop is electric music. Unfortunately, have current songs been letting you down? You’re not alone. We all need a little extra help cheering ourselves up from time to time. Luckily, DJ DYNAMIKE came to our rescue.


Richard Dimonti, also known as DJ DYNAMIKE, is a well-known name in the music industry. His journey started with fascination; when he saw Skrillex is playing at a music festival in Miami, he knew he wanted to become nothing else but a DJ & Music Producer. Then onward, with sheer dedication, Richard worked towards becoming one. His hard work was rewarded in 2014, when his first live show was filmed for national television.


This not only made Richard’s name more prominent but also got him his early contracts. Later, DJ Dynamike started performing in clubs, college festivals, youth festivals, celebrations, and what not. From scheduling meetings with club managers to learning music production from the online platform, he worked toward his vision in life. Today, he has successfully launched his four songs on premium platforms like Spotify & Apple Music & Beatport, and did we mention? People loved it! Richard has a simple rule: play for the audience and enjoy with the audience. DJ Dynamike has been doing frequent international tours in Qatar, focusing on the audience’s pleasure. Electronic dance music and rap songs being his niche, Richard creates a strong fan base wherever he goes. Be it a crowd of 4000 college students dancing in Tripura or New Year’s Eve 2023 in Mysore with over 5000 people.


Richard mentions about his mother. “She’s definitely the biggest blessing in my life”. “No matter how far I am or how fast my life is spinning, the moment I pause and turn around, we will always find her smiling and standing right there by my side.” Every mother is proud of such talent! Passion is powerful. It can often take control of your life, and it feeds you into taking big risks, which proved right for Richard. We can see the passion for music in Richard’s eye; it’s no less than a burning flame. Constantly living and breathing for music, DJ Dynamike is setting bars in the world of music. In this modern era, we need such talents as Richard Dimonti to come forward and inspire the youth and even make them dance to his tunes.


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