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The youngest Asian Entrepreneur, Abdullah Mehmood who transforms regular names into well-known brands

The whole globe has come to a halt because of the pandemic that it is facing and many industries have shut down due to the Coronavirus. This pandemic has not only affected the health of the world but also the financial state as all businesses and companies face hindrances in one way or another.

In the wake of COVID-19, many entrepreneurs have not lost hope but hustled their way up and come out even fiercer than before. They did it through experimentation and keeping up with trends, always evolving with the system. Even with the state of the global economy, many of them have managed to grow their businesses exponentially. Amongst these fierce individuals is our very own, Abdullah Mehmood. He was born and raised in Lahore. He can be counted in the elaborate list of entrepreneurs who have done the impossible in this epidemic. His efforts have increased ten folds and with his consistency, he has moulded his career into the remarkable trophy that is being showcased all around
He is the man who is bringing revolutionary changes in the digital marketing game and is at the top of the chain.

His phenomenal talent has provided him with amazing opportunities from a young age but these were not given to him; he had to work diligently for them and proved his worth to everyone around. He opened the door to digital marketing at the mere age of 13 on facebook and climbed his way into youtube. Acquiring 100,000 subscribers in a year and now he has open his own company, Rex Media group which is responsible for transforming multiple small scale businesses and bloggers into big names in their respective industries. His areas of expertise include works like bringing in ideas & digital techniques that can bring about a massive growth in the online presence of his clients, to help them in multiplying their brand awareness & value.

To be a shark in the marketing industry, you must have 360 know how of how you can give your clients the online presence by pulling up their followings and bringing them popularity from their respective demographic so that the popularity is actually beneficial in bringing about sales to them and not only creating a baseless hype.

Effective & efficient use of multiple utilitarian online strategies & techniques that include SEO, PR work, powerful video contents, advanced content marketing knowledge, techniques for reputation management and many other related tactics are what makes a digital marketing an outstanding & unparalleled digital marketer & PR expert.

Abdullah has excelled in this as his clients are getting what they deserve. Pakistan needs more exceptional entrepreneurs like him to bring forward these positive changes in our economy even when the world’s at a halt. He makes it look effortless while only a few know the effort and hard work that goes into running a company in such a pandemic. He has put his efforts in the right direction to extract success even in this lockdown as he is soon launching his own short film centred on showcasing the positive side of Pakistan.

His PR skills are unmatched and he has proven valuable not only to his clients but also to this nation for putting in efforts to being a positive change in this nation.

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