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“Time To Be Fit” - Says Ajinkya Vilas Kadale, The Emerging Fitness Icon From Navi Mumbai

“Time To Be Fit” - Says Ajinkya Vilas Kadale, The Emerging Fitness Icon From Navi Mumbai

Self-love is a trend of today, but finding one who can share a part of the success and learning on a day to day basis is rare. These people aren’t just away from the term of selfishness, but they know how to find happiness through it, growing every single day, full of inspiration. Ajinkya Vilas Kadale is one such Mumbai’s emerging fitness icon, who, even after being lost, didn’t lose. He found a way back to this world, and his entry became the support for many. Ajinkya is a 23-year-old MBA grad born and brought up in CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. His career with his immense love towards cricket started at the age of 5, and till today, this young lad has represented at not just District but also All India University level. Well, not only that, but he has also received a gold medal at National University Cricket Tennis League. Apart from being an athlete, Ajinkya is also a certified fitness freelancer who grew out to spread awareness amidst people for #workoutfromhome. To spread his voice and detail a bit, he also came up with an idea of publishing the e-book, “GET FIT WITH JINKS” at an affordable price, talking about the home workout and the home diet plans, to benefit people and continue his livelihood. He has also been providing online training for those who need personal motivation for workout and inspired 10k+ people to live a healthy living, following him through his Instagram handle.

His efforts have been many, and his love towards fitness has been seen through every effort being made and every word he passed on for his followers during the open mic speech on, “Why fitness is important during a lockdown?”, at an NGO named “Youth Empowerment Foundation.”

“Every move, every word, every click acts like a step towards moving ahead, and my journey would have stopped when during a cricket training session, I dislocated my left shoulder and imparted to muscle tear. Three years, I went through the worst phase, and it took me a year to get through this injury. These six months spent on bed rest and physiotherapy sessions, each, it gave me a lot of time to learn and to overcome the one issue I had before, not having a proper guide. I became my guide and learned many things. But now, I didn’t just wish to be a motivation for myself but also to spread awareness on fitness, so that no other athlete gets to such injury again and be through what I got through”, said Ajinkya when asked about his motivation to jump into not just being a fitness icon but also motivating people around. He started in 2018 with proper knowledge. With his dedication and discipline, which was brought in through the injury, he remained self-motivated and became a self-inspired rising knowledgeful person. Surely, it was a beginning for him, and the transformation was quite amazing.

Ajinkya wanted to share his progressive journey on fitness & nutrition. He found a way to inspire and spread good amidst as many people/athletes to make them know what exactly fitness is all about and why it is essential. His move towards the “Athletic Fitness,” and his ways to spread awareness through the gyms and social media handles, including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn has been remarkable. It might have taken time, and it did take time, but today, many minds have been changed through this one, and people have started to realize the importance of fitness in their lives. He was praised and was looked upon as a true athlete, who values the society. Even when Ajinkya lost his job during the pandemic, he was out of having a source to earn but not with ways to inspire. 

He fought through and got through, and so should we. We all can find a way to be a little influence. Even if not for all, we can at least find a way to keep inspiring for all-around, acting profound, and spreading our learning around.

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