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Time to buy Light Weight jewels– Founder, Eliza Diamonds, Bhavik Sakaria.

Time to buy Light Weight jewels– Founder, Eliza Diamonds, Bhavik Sakaria.

The times are changing rapidly especially since the outbreak of Covid -19 and the fluctuating gold prices. The pandemic has significantly impacted the diamond jewellery purchasing power in India. While the desire to buy jewellery is intact, the average consumption has gone down due to the pandemic and rising gold prices.

Since April 2019 the gold prices jumped nearly by 60%, customers are looking at purchasing jewels that are more lightweight and falling within one’s budget. Eliza Diamonds pioneers in lightweight and more affordable diamond jewels. Bhavik Sakaria Founder, Eliza Diamonds, keeps on working on innovations to create the heavy pieces into the lighter versions. ‘Today, we have an exhaustive range of lightweight designs offering versatility and uniqueness. At the same time, there is a consideration of affordability as the jewellery pieces should not burn a hole in the customer’s pockets. Thus, we are focusing on offering intricate, lightweight, and affordable designs that come with required certifications of purity, clarity etc.’

The market for light weight jewels is opening up like never before, which is a positive sign. With the wedding season going on in full swing, people are not stopping themselves from purchasing jewels, they are preferring more of light weight piece, but having jewellery is a must for any auspicious occasion. Previously, people used to plan destination weddings but now looking at the current situation there will be a decrease in this trend and the budget of the same could be driven towards buying jewellery. Brides will now spend more on diamond and gold jewellery as they are becoming a very promising security for any individual.

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