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To Thrive, Don’t Bribe: Marketer to Tech Journey of Suumit Shah Proves To Be A Success

To Thrive, Don’t Bribe: Marketer to Tech Journey of Suumit Shah Proves To Be A Success

To thrive, Don’t bribe, 

You will reach the destination either today or tomorrow, just try to capture something which is totally out of your row.

A young marketer who used to watch something called buying and selling every day would have never thought that he might try something out of the line. Actually, no one does but that’s where we lack behind. Suumit Shah, a young mind filled with fresh hopes. A person who started his career from companies like Housing.com and TinyOwl.com and went ahead seeing the demand in there.

I remember a small conversation with him. On being asked why into IT and the reasons for sudden shift from commerce to technology, all he answered was, Mam demand. Adding to this he said, the demand for what I felt therein made me take this decision. I really had very less knowledge about all these SEO things but for sure I had an idea about what a business lacks behind for. I knew that If they get better SEO services, they will thrive for its success without any other help.

True that his words were actually connecting to what was unexpected but his way of expression was clear. Such clarity with a totally new setup of something new was totally remarkable.

Talking about what he actually offered out to the world, we went ahead with the list of questions and asked him for his previously done work in the name of Risemetric, which was given a start in Nov 2014. This site was meant to provide services like Organic long term SEO, App Store optimisation, pay per click service, app development, etc.

Even from the very start, this young mind of Suumit Shah attracted bigger clients like McDonald's, Sony and a few more big companies out there who need such service providers. The success made them move along and there came an idea of rankz.

So when asked of who are the CO-founders of this new tech idea, we got to know that there are 2 minds behind the same. Suumit and Subhash Choudhary his co-partner. They both worked really hard to make this company a big success. Not only this, they created a much better suite which might be provided by an Indian company at much better rates. Do you know the best part.? They didn’t stop till the boundary line of one's nation this time, they went ahead. USA and Spain, these were the 2 focus areas which were covered by them and the sales and services, both have increased since then. Profits are good and also Suumit said he expected to earn 1000USD per month, in the upcoming time.

This start was a success because of the hard work and firm determination of its makers. The website of rankz offers its customers with vide amount of services. It makes them get above the competitive market by making their keywords search more better than those of competitors. They provide services like rank tracker, PR distribution network, backlinks profiling, content discovery, etc.

According to the data checked, the business of tech is flourishing out there with more than 270k words tracked, 600+ press releases distributed and more than 250+ clients who are satisfied even when the business is just in its starting stage. This is truly an incredible way of reaching out to people. 

The price of $19.99 per month is also not that much a spend for people looking out for such great services. For me and for the ones I know, they are all ready to make their business a step ahead at this rate.

So, this shows that this young mind not only created a space in the world out there of marketing but also made an incredible start creating out places in everyone’s heart. A marketer to tech journey of Suumit proves to be a success because of not just his background but also because of the hard work and dedication of both the co-founders, Suumit and Subhash.

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