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Transforming Businesses with Predictable and Profitable Marketing System

Transforming Businesses with Predictable and Profitable Marketing System

“Digital Marketing is not about having a fancy website and SEO alone, it’s a business, it’s about spending on ads to generate higher income and create a predictable and profitable marketing system”.
The aforementioned quotes describe an entrepreneur and a trainer who believes that investing in real-time knowledge and results will garner more success and accomplishment rather than wasting time in irrelevant courses and institutions.  
Mintu Jha is a renowned digital marketer with more than 10 years of experience in the domain. Running his venture named, “Marketing Lab”, he is working with clients all across the globe guiding businesses and entrepreneurs for successful business growth.

He believes in simplicity and his story too is very simple but inspiring.
He chose bachelor of hotel Management as he could not afford engineering fees, however, he shifted to BPO industry as he and his family could use those few thousand extra bucks. As years passed on the job, all his dreams felt too apart! Appraisals were a joke, forget job satisfaction,it was like living hand to mouth, no security, no promise of a career and no option other than working at nights!
However, Scared of losing his job, he picked himself up to enhance his skills and after more than a few failed “Plan B’s, he found Digital Marketing. Working on “Digital Marketing” as a side hustle soon started getting him 5 times more than his salary but it took him 3 years to go full time.
Reminiscing his early struggle days, Mintu says, “From being someone just working for a paycheck and scared of Mondays, to someone who looks forward to every workday because of the massive impact it can create, I owe all of this to Digital Marketing “.
Being in the industry for a decade, the digipreneur has successfully helped more than 300 businesses expand their reach via paid ads and is on a mission to help more than 10,000 brands and start-ups in establishing themselves in the world of business.  
Moreover, the start-up has massive plans on collaborating with similar minds in India. The start-up is also working on wholesome training for “upcoming digipreneurs “.
Talking about his inspiration and what intrigues him, he says, “Long back, In pursuit of a side income or a better career, I tried a lot of things alongside my job and when I was introduced to paid ads. I was wowed and inspired; I just took to it. It still fascinates me and gives me a sense of power. There is no feeling like growing a business and being thanked for it. After every crazy result that I get, It’s a feeling like no other! I just can't stop being thrilled every time!
With its offices located in Bangalore and Kolkata, the company is planning towards diversifying and coming up with industry-specific solutions for real estate and e-commerce. He loves training upcoming freelancers and the course “Become a Digipreneur” is a popular one. He plans to launch more courses for freelancers and entrepreneurs on “Marketing Lab”

He talks very passionately about his ambitious plans to bridge the gaps in the education sector through a credible, innovative and reliable edutech platform called “urban pathsala”.

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