Ukiyoto Publishing Celebrated Valentine’s Month with an Impressive Run of My Heart Goes On

The anthology series My Heart Goes On ran several volumes of wholehearted letters in the month of February and gave the writers a chance to win a sponsored couple entry for fine dining at a premium restaurant in their cities.

Swati Singh Sambyal contributed to the anthology Those Unsent Letters with her letter, “The Bridges We Don’t Burn,” that depicts the dilemma of lovers, how easy it is to let go, how difficult it is to hold on, and in this constant battle, whether they should burn the bridge and let go or cross the bridge together.

Priyanka Joshi More wrote a soulful letter called “Unsaid Love” for Those Unsent Letters that represents the writer’s suppressed emotions, one of her deepest secrets, undeclared to others and especially to her lover.

The My Feelings on the Paper volume had moving contributions as well. Rabia Kaur penned “The One Who Got Away” contemplating if love deserves a second chance.

Aman Aryan, for the My Feelings on the Paper volume, wrote a moving “Dear sAMANtha”; an account of unrequited approach, where an attempt is made to express how much she is admired.

For the same volume, Kasturika Mishra’s “If I Tell You, I Love You” took on the role of cupid in carrying letters from her heart.

SangramdebChakrabarti’s “To the Pyre of a Dream,” an addition to the Halted Words volume, describes the feelings and emotions of an unfortunate lover who has been torn apart from his lady love by death, time’s winged chariot, and is a recollection all their past memories.

SouvikBarua’s sentimental contribution to Halted Words, “Before You Go…” is a long awaited letter to his lady love, Sayantani, about the instances of remembrance from the past, assurance of the future, written for the present.

Titled “Cannonballs” and a zealous part of the volume Words that Remained Unsaid, Taniya Roy’s letter attempts to capture a slice of life through a series of handwritten postcards.

PiyaliMitra wrote a heart-warming letter called “Letter to the Love of my Life” for the same volume. She proclaims that no matter how dark your day is, if your partner lights up your heart, her letter honours such dedication and devotion.

Words that Remained Unsaid had another fervent contribution from Indrani Chowdhury who wrote “Dearest Deep.” It’s all about a girl’s true feelings about her beloved.

Sankalp Shukla, for Suspended Letters, recounts an emotional journey embellished with memories written to his wife Mansi on their first anniversary. The letter, titled “A letter to Butter Chicken,” is a testimony to her love, sacrifices and a reason for his existence.

Suspended Letters was enriched by ShrehyaTaneja’s “The Thousand Shades of Love,” an open love letter to celebrating all shades of love, being together, evolving together and growing together.

For the same volume, Jyotsna P Katayaprath wrote “Voices From the Country Graveyard,” an impassioned tale about an absence of true love in a person, words, thoughts, silence, or whatever form it takes.

ShipraMakkar, in her letter “My Forever Valentine” for Suspended Letters champions self-love. It’s a letter for those who find it difficult to fit into this world.

A remarkable input to Suspended Letters by Nandita Mittal in her letter “You Find a Way to My Heart” is all about unconditional love. It’s a Christmas love story about fighting with our odds, and promises made not to be wiped out.

Finally, yet importantly, Narita Ahuja’s “Millennial Love,” included in Suspended Letters, is a bittersweet take on a story of friends who stayed friends. Imbibing a thought that love can wait but friendship stays forever, Narita describes a longing for companionship a decade later.

My Heart Goes On and its several anthologies are a true testament to love in all its shapes and colours.

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