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Unemployment is a youth's problem, and only youth will find a solution - Pankaj Pandey

Pankaj Pandey

Pankaj Pandey, a youth leader who has influenced the lives of thousands of Jharkhand youths through his "Yuva Ko Jodo" campaign, stated that he started the campaign following the first wave of Corona. At the time, the youth were concerned and troubled. Many people had obtained bank loans to start their businesses and were unsure of what to do next or how to repay their loans. Meanwhile, he launched this campaign, through which 1084 WhatsApp groups were established across Jharkhand to provide a platform for all the youth to be guided on all other important things, including government schemes, in order to re-establish their businesses. Mr. Pandey stated that he began assisting the youth for free via a YouTube channel, but after the first wave of Corona, messages from the youth began to pour in, in which everyone expressed how the difficulties in their lives were increasing. Many young people had become financially helpless, resulting in depression and suicidal ideation. In response to this, he said, the "Yuva Ko Jodo" campaign was launched, with the goal of reaching every Jharkhand youth who wanted to improve their economic situation.


Following the success of the "Yuva Ko Jodo" campaign, Pankaj Pandey has launched the "Yuva Ko Puchho" campaign, which focuses on youth employment in Jharkhand. Using modern techniques, the youth of each panchayat will be asked for their input on government schemes, particularly those concerning employment, and all of these inputs will be compiled and forwarded to the government. He also stated that the government should consider the youth's suggestions in those schemes that are directly related to the issue of youth employment, such as developing and implementing government schemes based on wealth and resources found in every area. This will reduce the youth's reliance on government jobs and encourage them to pursue self-employment.


Talking about the government jobs of Jharkhand, Mr. Pandey stated that if the "Niyojan Niti" is also made after consulting with the youth, then perhaps that policy will be prepared in a better way in the interest of Jharkhand, which is also the basic spirit of our constitution in which "for the public" and "by the public" has been mentioned. In Jharkhand's opinion, it is imperative that the youth be included in the decision-making process for government orders and schemes affecting the youth. He further said that it will be our best effort to make the voice of the youth reach the government, in this whole program we will take the help of the village government and social organizations along with technology, but in any case the voice of the youth should reach the government. so that better use of government equipment can be done.

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