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Unplugging parenting journey with the expert Vivin supergalviv

In the vast digital landscape of parenting influencers, one name shines bright with authenticity and genuine advice: Vivin @supergalviv. A…

Unplugging parenting journey with the expert Vivin supergalviv

Vivin supergalviv

In the vast digital landscape of parenting influencers, one name shines bright with authenticity and genuine advice: Vivin @supergalviv. A mother to two adorable kids, Vivin @supergalviv has captured the hearts of her digital family through her engaging content and honest approach to parenting. What started as a simple desire to share her pregnancy journey has transformed into a passion-fueled career that has impacted countless lives. Growing up in a small town like Shivamogga, she heard that women were confined to the kitchen. She always wanted to break the stereotype and was determined to make a difference.


It all began when Vivin, @supergalviv, found herself bombarded with questions about her pregnancy from her ever-growing online community. Instead of merely answering these inquiries, she had a revelation: Why not use her social platform for a greater purpose? With a deep commitment to helping others, she embarked on a journey of self-education, enrolling in certifications and extensively studying parenting and nutrition. Vivin, @supergalviv, was determined to become a reliable source of guidance for her followers.


Along with her BE in information science and Mtech in networking, which were her formal educations, she became a certified parenting coach from New Insights, NLP Goa. To add to this, she even completed a certification in child nutrition and cooking offered by Stanford. This is proof of the reliability that Vivin offers.


Today, she stands tall as a respected influencer, having collaborated with over 250 brands that align with her values and beliefs. But what sets her page apart from the sea of influencers out there? It’s her unwavering dedication to honesty and transparency. While many influencers resort to paid followers and scripted content, Vivin @supergalviv takes a refreshingly different approach. She captures her children’s genuine reactions and reviews, bringing an authentic touch to her content.

Being challenged in life is inevitable, and Vivin was no exception. In her initial days as a content creator, Vivin’s family didn’t support the idea of her becoming a public figure. Despite the opposition, standing tall with self-belief, Vivin continued her journey. After seeing her passion and success, her mother and mother-in-law now actively collaborate with her, creating videos together. This, in one’s eyes, is a true achievement.


Vivin @supergalviv has achieved several titles and honours in her journey, and here are a couple of them: Best Mom Influencer: India International Influencer Award by Midday 2022: Vivin, @supergalviv, was recognised for her influential presence as a mom influencer in India. This award acknowledges her exceptional impact on parenting. Best Mom Influencer Impacting Lifestyle from Kidsstop Press (KSP)2023: Vivin was honoured with this title by Kidsstoppress, a renowned platform focusing on parenting and child-related content.


Vivin strongly believes in giving back to society. As the founding director of Velvin Technologies, she’s on a mission to empower mothers all around the world. To enable this, a special application is designed for better parenting: Burgo. It launches by the end of the year!


From the first moment you land on Vivin’s page, you are welcomed into her world, a world filled with parenting hacks, laughter, and love. Her journey from an engineer to a mom influencer has been nothing short of beautiful. With the constant support of her loving husband and the sheer joy her children bring, Vivin’s page exudes warmth and sincerity. It has become a one-stop destination for anyone seeking entertainment and valuable insights into the world of parenting.