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Usman Rao: The Journey of a Freelancer Becoming one of the Top Names in Entrepreneurship

The use of technology is increasing in India along with its population. We know it is difficult to get a job in India no matter how much you are educated. Still, you keep living in the hope that one day, you will get a job after all your studies, right? You may think about how much time you need to spend to find a job but if we tell you that you can use that time to build your own company, wouldn’t you be thinking that this is so easy? Yes, it is easy!
Actually we want to tell you that technology is increasing its presence in our lives day by day in India, especially in case of the younger generation. This has been happening since Ritesh Agarwal launched his company Oyo. Since then, a passion has come in many youngsters and every day, some young man is opening a new company. One more name to join these names is that of Usman Rao. Today we are going to talk about Usman Rao, who is an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. Usman is the owner of Jelly143. He started work as a freelancer along with studies and learnt a lot of skills.
In December 2017, he launched a channel on YouTube and his videos went viral as soon as he had uploaded just 3 to 4 videos. However, Usman wasn’t satisfied just with what was happening on the YouTube. Soon after, Usman started learning coding and created a website related to digital marketing.
Within a few days, a lot of traffic started coming to the website and that led Usman to open a company through his website.
Talking about his mindset right now, Usman says, “You are often confused about what you want to become in the future. Your family says, become a doctor, your friends say become an actor, your relatives say become an IAS. But have you ever listened to your heart what it wants, so don't listen to the world be what you want to be. The world may say anything, but to live life, we must understand life, All the people who are successful did not succeed overnight. They had to work hard. However, if you work hard for just a day or two and then think you have failed, you are wrong. It takes years to succeed.”
Usman Rao is a resident of Saharanpur and he studied at the CCS University of Meerut. Owing to his hard-working nature and perseverance, he has been named one of the Top 10 Youngest Entrepreneurs of Uttar Pradesh. Usman succeeded as an entrepreneur in a very short time period. Talking about his motivation, he says, “I motivate myself every day. I look up to successful people and tell myself, why I can’t be like them. In this way, I push myself forward every day.”
And if you also want to succeed in life, then you should learn from them and understand them.

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