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Waseem Amrohi Social Work is Transforming Lives !

Waseem Amrohi Social  Work is Transforming Lives !

Waseem Amrohi is already a prominent name in the movie marketing & advertising world, his years of victorious entrepreneurial journey & social initiatives is presently grabbing the limelight!

Waseem Amrohi is quite active about community upliftment and his philanthropic work is a solid proof of it, making him not only a celebrated media personality, but also a praiseworthy philanthropist with deep generosity.

He is seen helping the deprived labourers & daily wage workers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi by giving them support in various forms. COVID -19 vaccination drive , meal supply, work opportunity is provided by Waseem Amrohi consistently to help improve the situation of underprivileged community severely affected by pandemic crisis.

Waseem Amrohi is also helping them with immigration complications and is working relentlessly to make a difference in their quality of life.

For years, Waseem Amrohi has been working silently in an array of fields. From working for the betterment of society, to becoming Top Digital Marketing Maven in Bollywood.

He lives a refreshingly humble live and understands the importance of having a thrifty mindset and an empathetic perspective to life.

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