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WCTM launched a magazine while organizing World Premier League

WCTM organized WPL (also known as World Premier League) Season two with the launch of the magazine "विश्वसुरभि" as WCTM initiative to India’s Presidency in the G20 Summit where teams from different Schools participated to show their talent in Cricket. The inauguration commenced with the lamp lighting ceremony followed by the Welcome address of Chief Guest Hon'ble Mr. O.P Dhankar (President, BJP Haryana) and Hon'ble Dr. Narendra Singh (Chairman, WCTM).   


The chief guest in his address stressed the importance of sports in life. “Sports have tremendous effects on our body. People nowadays prefer video games and mobile phones but the real victory lies in building up a healthy lifestyle. Sports allow us to do that. Personally, I recommend playing sports on a daily basis and supporting sportsmanship which motivates us all to bring out the best in us,” Mr. O.P Dhankar stated. “It is true that playing sports increases productivity, promotes positive attitude, and makes people less frustrated. We need to promote this idea as much as we can,” he further explained. 


The Match began with a toss which Cambridge International Sr. Secondary School won. Following that, the team opted to bat first, leaving the New Happy Child Sr. Secondary School team to ball. It was a real nail-biter. All the teams enjoyed at best and maintained their accountability, patience and self confidence, while also facing the challenges with integrity. At the end of the event, mementos and bouquets were presented to the Chief Guest by Kunwar Nishant Singh, the Managing Trustee, WCTM, as a token of gratitude. Not only this, the inaugural program was concluded with a Vote of Thanks to the Chief Guest and Chairman, along with a formal appreciation to the organizing committee. 


“It was a pleasure to have our Chief Guest present here to honor this event. By promoting sports and instigating the idea of health through our event, we are glad to see such cheerful presence at the premises. By developing our skills, improving self esteem and becoming more confident, this day has proved to be very successful,” the Vote of Thanks read. “The event was made even more prominent with the presence of our guests of honour. And we are happy to witness its huge success, thanks to our organizing committee for doing such a tremendous job in handling everything. We are obliged to have all of you by our side,” said the Vote of Thanks, praising the triumphant support of their organizing committee. 

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