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We’ve all heard the term ‘rags to riches’ and for 36 year old Nathan Khider this story simply oozes in inspiration

We’ve all heard the term ‘rags to riches’ and for 36 year old Nathan Khider this story simply oozes in inspiration

Leaving school at JUST 15, Nathan soon became one of London’s top entrepreneurs through a mixture of ventures including his latest: Nathan K Podcasts.

‘My aim is to show the world that even though you can start with nothing doesn’t mean you have to finish with nothing, I remember being homeless on the streets of Watford and looking into store windows thinking one day that will be my name up there, I will become successful’ In 2003 it was hard to find inspiration, we didn’t have podcasts, YouTube, Instagram we didn’t even have Facebook so for me using social media channels is a great way for share inspirational and success stories to inspire anyone to go out and fulfill their dreams. I do believe in hard work, I believe you have to take action and I believe you make your own luck, nothing in life worth having is easily achieved.

Nathan, who vows to help make a difference through giving others the chance to tell there story whilst driving through the streets of London explained back stage why he feels it’s important

‘Each and everyone one of us has a story, each with there own meaning, these people are your real everyday go getters and I think it’s important they get the chance to Volumize there reasons for publicly, it’s a chance I wish I would have had at an earlier stage’ it also shows that you don’t have to be rich to be happy, money isn’t the key to happiness.

Building a future for him and his wife Natasha, Nathan’s dream doesn’t quite stop here, with a keen eye for property his plans are to expand into the world of development whilst developing his other start ups such as PT Workspace, a personal training studio that rents luxury gym space to health professionals so they can grow their own business. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Nathan created a brand called YEN LDN a clothing brand that aims at giving back to those who need it most. They successful raised over £4,200 to those that have been affected by COVID-19.

You can find all Nathan’s latest ventures
Over on his social media accounts @nathankhider We for one cannot wait to watch him turn his dream into a reality.

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