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What Are Smart Headphones?

What Are Smart Headphones?

The conversation around types of headphones has gone far beyond the realm of headphones being wired or wireless alone. With new generation smart headphones, we are talking about combining the audio capabilities of headphones with the intelligence of a smartphone. 

What makes headphones smart?

Smart headphones, often also called hearables, mark a new realm in personal audio devices. What renders them smart, however, isn’t just the fact that they are cordless but that they have a range of smart features including but not limited to built-in voice assistants, gesture control, noise-cancelling ability and more. While the emergence of smart headphones has been led by emergent technology, it is as much a result of changing consumer lifestyles. Think of a multi-tasking routine, where you are undertaking a strenuous activity, want to listen to music alongside and also want the convenience of seamlessly receiving a call if you happen to get one within your music session. All this and more is what your smart headphone is equipped to do. 

Popular features available in smart headphones

A whole lot of state-of-the-art features go into making a headphone truly smart. Here is a handy list:

Hybrid Active Noise cancellation technology

With a traditional headphone, you often land up pumping up the volume only because you want to drown the surrounding sound. Not anymore, as smart headphones come with an active noise cancellation feature, that gives you an immersive audio experience. With a good pair of active noise-cancelling headphones, what you have is the best sound quality and a comfortable fit for extended use.

Seamless transition from streaming music to taking calls

With the use of Bluetooth technology, smart headphones allow for a seamless transition between music and receiving calls. Additionally, headphones such as the PLAYGO BH70, Bose NCH 700

Jabra Elite 85h

Sony WH-1000XM4 also allows for smart touch and talk with gesture-based controls taking ease and comfort to a whole new level. The auto pause and play function with built-in infrared sensors make sure that you can resume your favourite music exactly where you had left off.

Voice commands

With smart headphones allowing you to make use of voice assistants to give commands, convenience got a whole new meaning. Use voice commands to cue music, make calls or receive audible notifications. You could also listen to and reply to incoming messages.

App support

As smart headphones come with app support that is downloadable on your Android or Apple devices, what you have is easy access to operating system updates and the ability to enhance functionality.


High on durability, the smart headphones come with waterproof and sweat-proof functionality that makes them easy to use while you are sweating it out in the gym or are listening to some music while in the pool. 

High battery life

With smart headphones offering up to 24 hours+ battery life, along with easy USB charging, what you are looking at, is an outstanding device that doesn’t give up on your lifestyle. 

Clearly then, the advanced features offered by smart headphones are set to drive industry growth over the next few years.  The increase in commuting time, growth of podcasts and music apps are only some of the factors that will drive this growth. 

In fact, in the years to come, ears will be an increasingly popular place for wearable tech to sit. What that means is that with the increased use of Artificial Intelligence, smart headphones will not just be used for an improved audio experience but also for control. With smart sensing technology, you would also be able to use your smart headphone as a remote control for your home appliances or use them to analyze data from fitness activities. As much as you listen to your smart headphones, they will also listen to you and respond with a wide variety of information. Beyond its audio-first focus, brace for a time when your headphone helps you manage your home or even takes on the role of your personal trainer.

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