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What is Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling and why its worth it?

What is Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling and why its worth it?

Active noise cancellation (ANC) headphones of today go beyond eliminating the outside hum. Still, not every ANC headset can create the quietest listening environment. The inner circuitry and placement of the noise-detecting microphones vary among headgears. To that end, there are feedforward, feedback and hybrid active noise-canceling headphones. Among these, the hybrid ones are far superior in calibrating a noiseless setting.
Hybrid noise-cancelling headphones
Hybrid noise-cancelling headphones are a combination of feedforward and feedback ANC headsets. 
Feedforward ANC headphones have a microphone outside the ear cup. In this way, the mic hears the surrounding noise first. The ANC circuit then cancels it before it reaches the person’s ears. These ANC headphones are more sensitive to the shrilling noise that winds create. But they cannot cut out the lower frequency of noises.
On the other hand, feedback ANC headsets have the mic placed inside the ear cup. This allows the mic to hear exactly what the listener’s ear perceives. Then the ANC controller cuts out the resultant audio signal. They are great for reducing the low-end hum, but cannot cut out noise in the upper mid-range – 1 -2kHz.
In hybrid ANC headphones, microphones are present on both sides of the ear cups. As a result, they are able to reduce a broader spectrum of noise frequencies.
What makes PLAYGO BH70 hybrid ANC headphones unique
World of PLAY’s PLAYGO BH70 headphones come with hybrid ANC technology. These use four microphones integrating feedforward and feedback ANC technologies. Their advanced digital algorithms also help isolate the background noise better.
But, there is more to how they work as excellent hybrid ANC headphones.
1.    Advanced DSP
The PLAYGO BH70 headphones use Digital Signal Processing (DSP). This lets them map the signal of noise to the frequency response the listener hears inside the cups. It is much more effective in cancelling frequencies than the analogue microphones. The DSP algorithm is also powerful enough to overpower any lags in audio. It works in real-time together with the noise detecting microphones to reduce different levels of noise. The audio quality is never compensated in this manner.
2.    Taking out background noise completely
To cut background noise, these headphones have gone through rigorous testing. Using a simulator such as a BK dummy head, even the low hum of the electronic circuitry is not present. Also, the microphones have a high signal-to-noise ratio of 74dB. These headphones will maintain great audio quality even with higher levels of background noise. In short, the higher the signal-to-noise ratio, the better it is.
3.    Spatially adaptive noise reduction system
The feedback ANC microphones in these headphones check the air pressure. They also comprehend the body movements. This is useful in different environments such as walking on the street or traveling on a plane. As a result, there will be no unwanted noise due to the difference in air pressure. The comfortable over-the-ear design also ensures that. Even the feedforward ANC microphones constantly adjust the outside noise.  
Going for hybrid active noise-cancelling headphones

Hybrid ANC headphones are a much better choice. They offer the best quiet environment without compromising on safety and audio quality.  


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