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Yash Agarwal, A Digital Marketer With Invincible Approach Towards His Work

Yash Agarwal, A Digital Marketer With Invincible Approach Towards His Work

Yash Agarwal, the dynamic Digital Marketing Expert from Kanpur has figured how to stand out in the world full of internet worms, all because of his hard work and invincible attitude towards life. He has attracted followers from different countries and strata of life. He kept his feet in the area of the Digital world 7 years back and since then hasn’t looked back. The gentleman has trained more than 300+ Bloggers & Influencers. It has taken him his blood, sweat, and tears to attain this level.  

Scrolling through his Instagram handle, “meagarwalyash”, you will get a glimpse of him & his work. It will be wrong to call him just a Digital Marketer as he multitalented and has knowledge and experience in Web & Graphic Designing, Content Creation. He helps people in Brand Building, Development of Websites & even in Business Development and Growth. He works for the upliftment of upcoming talents. Yash has done several projects for more than 50+ brands across various cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Indore & Lucknow. Not only in India he even works across India in Countries such as The United Kingdom & Canada. The areas he is involved with are various Fashion Brands, Hospitals, and Doctors & Leading Hotels. The USP of Yash is that he works from Kanpur itself which in itself is a big deal.

His journey of being an entrepreneur began right away from his days of Higher Education. After the completion of his school education, he decided to work for his first-ever venture which was of a Stationary Distributor. During his bachelor he indulged himself with major Stationary Companies of Uttar Pradesh (UP), this made him explore the field more. For about 6 years he ran his business. But, he always used to felt that he’s been missing on something, which was creativity. He says “I put aside my stationery business and moved on to other projects because I felt that this venture was not allowing me to do anything creative with my skills. However, I learned a great deal from this phase of my life.”

He came up with the idea of launching Kanpur’s first community of digital entrepreneurs & budding bloggers named “Kanpur Young Entrepreneurs (KYE).” The purpose behind KYE is to give a platform to the youth who are full of enthusiasm and wants to share their innovative ideas to bring a difference in society. There are a large number of young minds who want to bring notable differences in and across the country. Talking about his project he explains “We have members ranging from doctors, professional photographers, skilled MUAs, creative writers, and artiste. We are running KYE as a community of influential individuals in our society.”

“Fit Me Kanpur”, is his another venture which he started. This one is very close to him as it directly puts light on the people of his home town. Yash says “In our city, we never had a business that provided all the services of the general need to necessities under one roof until Fit Me Kanpur was initiated. In FMK, one will find anything and everything, all under one banner. From wearables to edibles, coupons to discount cards, photographic materials to photographers, and services to assistance - Fit Me Kanpur provides it with all!”

His hard work has fetched him various awards such as “The Young Entrepreneur” honor of IIT-Kanpur in 2013-14, the “Youth Icon of Kanpur” award in 2019-2020 for giving training to more than 300+ bloggers & influencers for teaching them the new rules of the digital world. He organizes different sessions & workshops, where he interacts with the young minds that are in dilemma, and are searching for their answers regarding Digital Marketing. 

He plans to launch his talk show “The MeAgarwalYash Show”, which will get telecasted on Spotify & YouTube. Also, he has a hand-picked team of 20 young talents to provide them employment, which in itself is a big deal as it is difficult to get work in the pandemic.

He is involved in the launch of several food drives, social service projects to eradicate hunger, poverty, and literacy from his Hometown, Kanpur.  

The gentleman is a game-changer and a great example to look forward to and will surely bring change in India with his achievements and positive attitude towards life.

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