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Yash Brahmbhatt shares his story – 18 years of pioneering the real estate game

Yash Brahmbhatt shares his story - 18 years of pioneering the real estate gameYash Brahmbhatt shares his story - 18 years of pioneering the real estate game

Real estate might look like easy money for many; however, the experts know the hard work and perseverance that comes along making big dreams come true. Yash Brahmbhatt is a self-made first generation entrepreneur who has got his name engraved well in the field of real estate. With a small land bought at the AUDA auction to now owning a successful real estate company called “Shilp Group,” Yash has made it to the top through sheer diligence and dedication. Yash is the founder and CEO of Shilp Group, a leading real estate company of Ahmedabad. He is proudly celebrating Shilp Group’s 18 years of contribution to  the Ahmedabad real estate game.

The dream started in the year 2004 and the inevitable thought of making it bigger made Yash work towards different project. Yash believes in the power of envisioning and putting things into robust action. His journey started by shadowing his brother and soon he worked through various aspects of running a business including business development, sales and marketing, influencing and negotiating. Shilp Group saw major growth within a decade and boasts of a remarkable square feet construction in the entire city with over 40+ completed projects. He is also supported by his wife Snehal Brahmbhatt as the Co-Founder and COO.

Yash Brahmbhatt is not just a real estate pioneer but also a strong supporter of giving it back to the people whose wishes and prayers have made him what he is today. He provides full fledged support to Sneh Shilp Foundation an NGO whose vision is, “To create a world where everyone gets what he/she truly deserves and prevent human suffering by alleviating poverty and hunger, conserve the natural world and help animals, enhancing the lives of children through adequate education.” On the 18th year of completion of Shilp Group, Yash Brahmbhatt wishes to keep supporting the people and fulfilling their dreams.

By TIS Staffer
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