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You are Cordially Invited to India’s First 3D Wedding at Yug Metaverse

You are Cordially Invited to India’s First 3D Wedding at Yug MetaverseYou are Cordially Invited to India’s First 3D Wedding at Yug Metaverse

Indian Weddings are an excuse for families and friends to transport into the realm of grand festivities and long celebrations. In these covid times, when the number of guests are limited,innovative technologies like Metaverse provide people a platform to break these boundaries and indulge with their kins on their special day. Metaverse is now becoming a hot technology for conducting such events. To give the users a new experience of marriage we invite you to India’s first metaverse wedding of Abhijeet and Sansrati on our own Made in India Metaverse Platform called as Yug on 5th Feb.

Metaverse is a kind of virtual world. With this latest technology, people can enter the digital world through virtual identity. In this virtual space, people also get a chance to hang out, shop, and meet friends. Soon many Real life Activities like buying digital land and constructing virtual homes, participating in a virtual social experience, Concerts etc. will eventually take place in the Metaverse. Metaverse can blur the distinction between real and virtual life. Metaverse combines several technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence 

“Metaverse is a new concept and its adoption is still at an early stage worldwide. We wanted India to lead and be at the forefront of this technology revolution, and hence we built a Metaverse Platform, YUG, in India. The team is excited to explore the possibilities that emerging technologies like metaverse, blockchain & cryptocurrency will open up in future.” says Utkarsh, creator of Yug.

Abhijeet, a Tech Entrepreneur, and Dr.Sansrati’s marriage story is a modern day digital Love Saga. 

“We first met online in a digital world. During Covid times, we were in touch online and our relationship matured. Now when we are tying up the knot, we want all of our friends across the globe to be present as many are not able to attend the physical event. And what better way than to get married on Metaverse where everyone can join in virtually, meet and greet and shower their blessings, without compromising on any safety measures.” said Abhijeet. 

The couple will be getting married on 5th Feb at Bhopal with few close family and relatives and  the event will also be held in Yug Metaverse same day on 5th feb between 8 P.M. to 9 P.M. This event will be also sponsored by the Indian conglomerate ITC. The couple has created a scenic beach side wedding environment which can be accessed via Yug Platform and anyone can join by signing up for the event. Users can change their avatars, walk through the event and enjoy the dancing floor too.

“Metaverses like Yug are a logical evolution of the current 2D Internet to an Immersive 3D Experience akin to the real world. It holds a lot of potential for the future and is progressively on the path of blurring the boundaries between the physical and virtual world.Yug is an open Platform where people can create their own experiences like Marriages, Virtual events, Exhibitions, Friends Hangout, Business Meetings and Conferences or enjoy experiences created by others. We believe that by making the platform decentralised, it will transform various fields like Education, Business, Commerce and Entertainment.” said Shashank, from Yug. Everyone is invited to join India’s First Metaverse Wedding at https://yugverse.com/metaverse-marriage 

By TIS Staffer
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