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Young Entrepreneur – Jay Saraiya who has already taken Entertainment Marketing to the Next Level

Young Entrepreneur – Jay Saraiya who has already taken Entertainment Marketing to the Next Level

The Bollywood celebrities want their presence more on the online and social media the foremost in comparison to the other group of individuals of any industry. They are alleged to remain connected with their fans and followers alongside boosting up the list during a big way. This is where competitive digital marketing and celebrity managers like Jay Saraiya on the online comes into the image.

With effective social media and digital marketing solutions, Jay Saraiya & JS Digital has won more and more clients within Bollywood and other circles. With every passing day, he's moving abreast of his success ladder that speaks tons about his expertise and knowledge in digital marketing.

As Jay Saraiya has been a known face in Bollywood circles, he also got an opportunity to promote B Town films like Mary and Zindagi Tumse to name a few. So far he has done promotions and PR work of more than 50 movies helping the filmmakers with their ad and promotion work in the digital media and has already promoted 50+ Bollywood films. He is known for his expertise in social media marketing particularly the platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. He has also marketed for multiple films from the South Industry i.e Tollywood.

They shape effective social media and PR strategies that go well on the web. They have got the opportunity to work with actors and other artists in Bollywood who need to get connected with their clients. They develop for their clients effective and tailor-made digital marketing and PR services. Not only Bollywood but also the TV, theatres, music and other areas of entertainment industry artists have approached them and they were successful enough to gain a big victory with the duo digital marketing experts under their banner JS Digital.

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