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Young Entrepreneur Viraj Datt has a long list of Celebs as Clients

There are hundreds of ways to make money. Whatever your zest of entrepreneurial streak may be, there are some sure-fire techniques to make it in the online world.  Everyone thinks of business but very few people make it big in life with their passion and hard work like Viraj Datt did in his 20's. This young entrepreneur who is just 21 and based in Chandigarh- buzzing high in his ‘Sneakers’ business due to his passion. He supplies sneakers to the famous Bollywood celebrities like Actor Parineeti Chopra, Rapper Raftaar, singer and daughter of Aditya Birla Chairman- Ananya Birla, Rapper Divine, musician and rapper Manj Musik, musician RitViz, rapper Kr$na and many more.

His immense passion for shoes made him establish his own business, he created a page on Instagram (vj_kicks) on which he showcase his all new collection of sneakers.

At a very young age Viraj Datt developed his interest in badminton and represented Haryana & Chandigarh. He brought laurels to the state and UT by winning state championships. Later, Datt took admission in Badminton Academy in Bangalore where his love for sneakers began.

After practicing badminton daily, he along with his friends used to visit a mall nearby the academy. There Viraj found a big sneakers store and as a fashion lover, the young lad frequently started turning up there. At one point of time, he came to know about all the articles displayed in the store.

Viraj Datt said that the sneakers were very costly in that store and the starting price was Rs 10k. “I was just 15 years old at that time and as a young lad that much amount was quite high for me. However, the store manager witnessed that this boy loves sneakers. He became my friend and kept sharing about the new arrivals with me when I was in Bangalore. I gained interest and knowledge about sneakers and that was enough for me to kick start my own sneakers business. Later, I moved abroad for the training where I decided to come up with something of my own. I started selling sneakers on my Instagram page ‘VJ Kicks’, among my known and friends from where I made the profit and purchased my favorite sneakers,” Viraj Datt said.

Viraj Datt, popularly known as VJ Kicks among celebrities is successfully running his sneakers business and planning big in the coming future by expanding his sneakers venture.

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