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Young Turk Nav Shah ; Singer and Composer

Young Turk Nav Shah ; Singer and Composer

A true story of a boy who faced hurdles academically but who cares when you are in love of what you do he topped the ace game of singing. Little did he know that one day he too will fulfil his dream of becoming an artist. Artist is a very loaded word it comes with significant responsibilities because you need to give your audiences something new something that connects with them every time you create your art & Nav accomplishes that every time he creates music. 

His journey started when he recorded his first song “Channa Mereya” on his phone & playfully uploaded on his Instagram page & instantly people double tapped hearts for him they loaded him with great positive responses & that motivated Nav to create more such videos & get them uploaded.  

He is a pure talented artist, not just a young lad who never liked studies but a millennial who believed in his talent, who himself recognized what he is & what he wanted to become in life.

When he missed support from his family, he never lost hope & kept going because he believed in his dream his passion his music, still in his ‘teens’ Nav is not just a singer but also a writer a composer & he proved his mettle by writing his 1st ever song “Maahive” in only 10 mins!! Wow, now that’s a sixer! He has already successfully written more than 200 songs. 

What will you call this talent? How did he manage to do that? Well, he literally saved every penny that his mother gives him to buy clothes & shoes, he never spent on them, he spends that money on recording his song. That is how his struggle has been. Started off with only about 600 followers & now has already reached 623k followers & still counting we are really not surprised for his fan following. 

He is definitely here to stay. Kudos to you boy for doing what you do because music not just takes a person to another world altogether but most importantly it connects with a person’s soul & if you can touch hearts with music who can do anything. 

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