Google bans all call recording android apps

For google finally, a day arrived for which the users have been waiting for several years. Today Google made a big change in the privacy policy of the users. From today onwards google banned all recording apps from the play store.


Last month Google announced that soon it will ban all recording apps from the play store, and this policy started on 11 May 2022. However, this policy does not affect those mobile phones who already have their inbuilt recording feature. Through the new google play store policy, the company does not affect any third-party app. and this also clarifies that the call recording feature on the google dialer app will function smoothly there will be no change to them. if it is available in your device or region.


The main reason behind this change is the user’s privacy. Because of the feature of call recording many people use this benefit in the wrong manner. And by this users’ privacy is also affected. By recording features many times users’ data leak and completely disturb their privacy. And by this feature information was given to both sides of users.


However, recording functionality also depends upon that in your country recording call is not legal. In India, after this google, privacy policy calls can also be recorded but only under one condition. If your mobile has an inbuilt feature of recording for calls there will be not any change in the inbuilt feature.


And now there is accessibility  Application  Programming Interface( API )will be provided to users and calls will not be recorded.

After this announcement of google, Truecaller also took a big step regarding the privacy of its users . Truecaller also announced that the recording feature from Truecaller will also be removed and by which no user records any call.


But this new blocking feature of call recording apps from the google play store will provide benefit to users in many ways now the risk of stealing data or any important feature will reduce.


By TIS Staffer
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