Animal Booster Nutrition Company – Love story of Dr Anuj Choudhary and Sports

Playing sports and becoming a sportsperson is the dream of millions, but few like Dr Anuj Choudhary possess the compassion…

Animal Booster Nutrition Company – Love story of Dr Anuj Choudhary and Sports

Playing sports and becoming a sportsperson is the dream of millions, but few like Dr Anuj Choudhary possess the compassion and determination required to achieve it. Being a sportsperson is not all about playing and winning. ItÂs about the sportsman spirit that comes with it, which Dr Anuj Choudhary has been demonstrating since his childhood. First as a sportsperson and then as a CEO of Animal Booster Nutrition Company which he had started with a motive of helping sportsperson willing to make India proud on an international platform.

Professional sportsperson needs to take care of enormous factors that impact their health as well as get them banned. Antibiotics help sportsperson in achieving the desired results. But as per International standards, using it can get in the way of sportsman dream. International sports agencies have guidelines and make steroids illegal. WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and NADA (National Anti-Doping Agency) controls these guidelines. It is one of the reasons why sports professional avoids common steroids.

Not only the career of a sportsperson is at stake which they dream to achieve at the international level but also their health is compromised due to the wrong type of Antibiotics. Anabolic steroids have adverse effects like acne and cysts, shrinkage of testicles, and breast growth in men, enlarged clitoris, erectile dysfunction, aggressive behaviour, liver disease, etc. So it becomes crucial for a sportsperson to choose a brand wisely and then stick to it. In this process, the efforts and vision of the company become very important for the sportsperson.

Animal Booster Nutrition Company has created this trust among the sportsperson due to the efforts of its CEO Dr Anuj Choudhary. Not only Dr Anuj Choudhary has opened a company to dedicate its work to athletes but also he is always willing to share his expertise in the field after his Ph.D. in sports science from Kanpur.

FSSAI (The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) has approved Animal booster nutrition company. Dr Anuj Choudhary’s vision of providing high-quality supplements can be showcased by different awards and certifications received by the Animal booster nutrition company. This company follows GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) accreditation and has also achieved ISO 9001 certification.
Dr Anuj ChoudharyÂs struggle during his early age coming from a farmerÂs family has inspired him to minimize such struggles for the sportspersons. To maintain the high quality of manufactured products Dr Anuj Choudhary has opened several manufacturing units rather than relying on the third party. Anihac PharmaÂs one such Manufacturing unit is in Roorkee, Uttarakhand.

Dr Anuj Choudhary has received sportsman spirit from his fatherÂs heritage. His father too had a great passion for Hockey which he had due quit due to familyÂs responsibility at a young age. Becoming a mentor for a sportsman was something her mother would predict about his life. After quitting hockey, his father saw his dream of becoming a sportsperson getting fulfilled by his son, Dr Anuj Choudhary.

Dr Anuj Choudhary didnÂt represent India on the International platform but has mentored many to achieve their dreams.

In 2004, destiny got Dr Anuj Choudhary in an accident that forbade him to lift weight professionally. But his compassion for sports can be seen in how he shaped his career to be around sports and aid professionals to reach their goals. At that time, he was doing a diploma in pharmacy and started his career as a pharmacist. But with time, Dr Anuj Choudhary built himself into an expert in sports science and spends most of the time guiding professionals to achieve their dream of representing India internationally.

An inspiring love story between Dr Anuj Choudhary and sport indeed.