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COVID-19: Politician Pinakin Shukla Makes A Humble Request To The People In Mahisagar. Read

COVID-19: Politician Pinakin Shukla Makes A Humble Request To The People In Mahisagar. Read

The rising cases of coronavirus in India and other parts of the world have created a major hurdle for everyone. The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has surpassed 1 million globally. While in India, the number of positive cases has crossed the mark of 2,550 in total. To prevent the deadly virus, India is currently on a 21-day lockdown until April 14, 2020. As reported, the confirmed cases in Gujarat have reached 95. Many people are practicing social distancing and are taking all the precautions against the virus. The notable politician, social activist, and land developer of Gujarat, Pinakin Shukla is time and again hitting the headlines for his noble deeds.

He recently made a huge contribution by donating ration and other essential groceries in large numbers in Virpur, Mahisagar district. Trying his best to fulfill all the fundamental needs of the people in his area, Pinakin is leaving no stone unturned to help them out in any capacity. Adding to that, he just wants people to remain safe and not step out. “We have testing times ahead. Do not create history by doing the same mistake which Italy did. Be home. This is the time you need to be with your near and dear ones. I am spending much needed time with my family and my children. Let’s all unite together and destroy the coronavirus.” For the underprivileged people in Mahisagar district, the politician even stated that he would help them financially and also distribute essential commodities if required again. 

A few days back, Pinakin donated a total of 10,000 kg wheat, 6,000 kg rice, 500 kg dal, 1000 liter refined oil, 1000 kg salt, 100 kg red chili powder, and 100 kg turmeric powder. The kits were distributed among 2,000 people in and across Mahisagar. Well, it is not just during this pandemic, Pinakin Shukla has come forward to do charities. He earlier constructed various temples including Mukeshwar Mahadev Temple, Bhatiji Mandir, and Ramji Mandir in his locality. Besides this, every year Pinakin Donates waters, blankets, etc. in his locality, he donated his land &constructed a bus stand in Mahisagar which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Pinakin Shukla has won a kheda district panchayat election with the highest margin in Gujarat in the year of 2013, he also was the youngest chairman of APMC virpur, In the year of 2015 he also won mahisagar district panchayat election with the highest margin in whole Gujarat, He was the youngest chairman of the standing committee of mahisagar district panchayat. Pinakin is truly living his life to uplift other people and in return, all he wants is to cooperate at this moment and stay safe by being at home.

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