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Exclusive Songs From DJ Himanshu Mishra's Groovenexus Media Has Won The Heart Of The Audience

Groovenexus is an online community where all music artists can showcase their talents and build their own identity in the music industry. Great music lovers Himanshu Mishra, Nishant Mishra, and Prabhanjan Deshpande launched this digital platform in 2019. Singers, rappers, instrumentalists, DJs, and even bands are all welcome in this music-loving community on the internet. Every year, new artists with their own music genres and talents rule over the hearts of the audience. 


Through Groovenexus, young artists are given the chance to establish their own brand names and identities. The platform has become popular among music lovers, and people are encouraging the artists to grow. Today, Groovenexus is working with 25+ young and aspiring talents dedicated to their love for music and coming from across the nation. The key people among them are: King AP, Mukul Kumar, Traxeon, Aditya, Harshita Barnwal, Rohit Pandey, and Swattrex.


Himanshu Mishra, the co-founder, commented on the launch of Groovenexus on February 17th, 2019: "Being an alumnus, and having been the Central Counselor at DCE, I always felt the need to create a platform that connects everyone through music. Launching GrooveNexus at the same place and event, and that too around Quintino's grooving EDM music, was the perfect thing to do."


King AP’s “2K16” debut album includes the viral hit “Insane,” a heartfelt love song that has garnered over a million views and won fans over with its catchy beats, soothing lyrics, and talented cast. The duo of lyricist “King AP” and musician “Traxeon” has consistently produced great stories and songs. EK Shaam is another excellent song. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a special song to share with your special someone, consider this one, created by King AP, Harshita Baranwal, and the Traxeon crew. 


The official DJ for Mika Singh, DJ Rawking, has just released his own record, “Teekhi Teekhi,” on Groovenexus Records, just in time to warm up the cold winter nights. All three songs, "Chupke se," "Teri Kami," and "Insane," have each received over one million views, and the figure is constantly rising. Many such talented artists are able to make their dreams a reality with Groovenexus Entertainment and Media Services Pvt. Ltd.


Their music promotion platform brings original and exclusive songs from artists of different genres to the digital audience. The official website covers news related to song releases, music artists, music career guidance, and song reviews for the public. They also deliver news, articles, and information related to music on their different social media platforms. Himanshu Mishra believes that as he wasn’t supported by his parents in choosing music as a career, no other youngster has to face such issues again. 


We must genuinely choose and work on what we love because our effectiveness and energy are different at that time. A perfect saying by Marc Anthony is, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” After being employed for 17 years in the IT industry, he chose to work on his passion and establish a great digital platform for all the music artists across the nation in 2019.


GrooveNexus is a media and entertainment company. DJ Himanshu Mishra founded it on Mar 1, 2019, in Delhi, India. It deals in music promotion and distribution services. GrooveNexus is the first choice for artists and music producers to distribute their music globally.

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