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Gajendra Rajpurohit – Internationally Trained, Trusted & Tested Name In The Fitness Industry

Gajendra Rajpurohit – Internationally Trained, Trusted & Tested Name In The Fitness Industry

A fit body cannot be attained without attaining a fit mind first and that is what Gajendra Rajpurohit believes in whole-heartedly. With years of experience and NASM, MoveU, N1 Academy, CHFI certifications to his name, Gajendra Rajpurohit has scaled up and has the privilege to be the only Gold Elite trainer in India from the prestigious Strydom International Academy. 

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the fields of fitness, body-building and nutrition, Gajendra carries in himself more than five years of experience in strength training & nutrition. His immense knowledge from the basics to the most complex of concepts in fitness and well-being has ensured the best of experiences for his massive clientele. 

Gajendra runs a fitness studio – Custom Fit By GR – in Pune, Maharashtra, where he gets the best out of his clients using a scientifically effective approach to training, aided with state-of-the-art infrastructure. 

His clients include some of the most celebrated names belonging to different fields. He has developed his clientele from scratch and today he is associated with and trusted by some of the top business and political families of the country. 

Gajendra has scaled up his influence and knowledge with a two-year training stint abroad, under the mentorship of Gary Strydom, the world-renowned body-building icon - the only notable professional to win the IFBB and the WBF World Championships. 

The legendary icon trained Gajendra himself and pushed him to be on way to become a notable elite coach. Gajendra has personally worked with Paul Carter, Kassem Hanson & Shelby Starnes too, who are internationally acclaimed fitness coaches and rank among the biggest names in the fitness world.  

Gajendra’s personal style of fitness training is focused on devising healthy, wholesome changes to lifestyle. This also involves making minimal changes for greater, bigger benefits. 

Gajendra believes, “Understanding the human body and psychology brings in long term benefit. I intend to simplify fitness and nutrition for the masses of the world, where everyone is busy complicating the same. My training is focused on incorporating movements and bare-feet training protocols, in addition to using equipment for building strength. “

As for his future plans, Gajendra wants to connect with a wider audience and share his blueprint for a fit body and a fit soul with the masses. 

From being an absolute nobody to somebody who is revered in the fitness circle, the journey has taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears - but as Gajendra believes - the grind never stops. 

You can connect with him over his Instagram handle Fitindia1 & Fit_punekar.

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