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Learn about self-love from Bodyweight fitness expert Hemant Kumar!!

Learn about self-love from Bodyweight fitness expert Hemant Kumar!!

Do you love what you do?  Are you doing your work for the sake of doing? Love for self arises when we find what we love to do and grow in it. Self love emerges out to the most underrated word in the society but it is the most important aspect of growth and happiness. Mr. Hemant Kumar one of the renowned bodyweight fitness coach and core members of Aesthetic Being Fitness believes in this notion.

Mr. Hemant Kumar Rajput is born and brought up in Delhi. Since birth he was physically weak and hence suffered from a lot of illness and sickness. He was bullied too due to his physical weakness. This created a huge amount of mental instability to him. To cope up through all these negative factors he decided to cater his focus towards fitness. And from there his journey began to this industry and also towards self love.  Hemant switched to bodyweight training from weight training. He is a certified bodyweight fitness and Calisthenics coach.

Hemant has 8 years experience into this field. He believes self love is crucial for living. His love for fitness and self growth has made him sustain in fitness industry for years. He has suffered from depression and anxiety during his initial days. And what helped him to overcome this was fitness, which he loved. He says bodyweight training is something he loves to do and hence it helped him to overcome depression too. He suggests people should find something which they can do for years without anyone’s help and need. If they find it they should try to master in it.

When we asked Mr. Hemant about his inspiration, his answer made us ponder more about living a meaningful life. Mr. Hemant told he grabs inspiration from each and everyone around. The way people work towards something, with full of passion and dedication inspires him to work harder. He mentioned if any person in this world can be successful others too can only hard work and dedication plays the role of game changer in it. Beauty of everything is in the struggle and the process of  it. According to Hemant one should never stop learning and growing. We should attain the maximum level of self love so that we grow along with the process.

With pure dedication towards fitness Hemant has huge following over his instagram page where he advises people about fitness and way of happy living. Mr. Hemant possesses a vision to grow bodyweight training which includes Calisthenics, Animal flow movement, Capoeira and much more in the whole country.

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