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Ready-To-Wear Brand ARAINNA – Changing The Fashion Game One Outfit At A Time

Ready-To-Wear Brand ARAINNA – Changing The Fashion Game One Outfit At A Time

Designer wear, smart outfits, vibrant colors – the fashion-conscious Indian women want it all and right away! Therefore, she is always on the lookout for that one brand, which will help her up her fashion game, one outfit at a time. Among the plethora of Indian brands, which boast of selling ready-to-wear fashion, there are just a few, like brand ARAINNA, who understand the pulse of the customer and deliver accordingly. Since its launch in November 2019, ARAINNA has done business to meet the sensibilities of the new-age Indian woman, who wants an answer to that eternal question - What to wear today?

The brand is the brainchild of a fashion-conscious young woman, Isha Arora. It was Isha’s dream to own a business that was not just rewarding but also an instrument of change for the fashion world. Since its launch, the brand has not just made a place for itself in the hearts of its customers, the number of which is growing with each passing day; it has totally redefined the way Indian women are dressing up, for work, play and everything in between. ARAINNA collection contains top designs, beautiful cuts and great fabric that make up dresses that are modern with a touch of tradition. Their diverse range includes tops, midi dresses, shirts and pants for women who are smart, curious, passionate and always on the run!

Speaking about the brand, Isha Arora says, “ARAINNA is my baby all the way, but it wouldn’t have been possible to reach where I am today without the love and support of my husband and rest of the family. It has taken immense planning, lots of hard work & burning a lot of midnight oil to get this brand off the ground. “

Designer-wear is something which is not confined only to the wardrobes of the high and mighty, like the Bollywood divas, models and society ladies today. It is the desire of every young girl and woman in the world. With the onset of Internet, smartphones & e-commerce business, this desire has grown multi-fold because of high accessibility. It is this easy reach that has led millions of Indians closer to being able to afford designer-wear and lent ready-to-wear brands like ARAINNA a fair chance at slaying competition and creating a niche for itself in the world of online fashion retail.

Their clients are spread from the urban landscape to the smaller towns and the range of their outfits caters to women in the age group of 18-40 year olds. With an increasing presence on social media like Instagram and Facebook, the brand is able to cater to a growing market, where customers are looking for the latest trends in fashion that are also within their reach.

Isha explains this newly-found obsession with designer-wear, “With a higher percentage of disposable income, wider reach of social media and increasingly affordable Mobile Data, Indian women are more and more able to experiment with fashion without the barrier of cost. Online shopping has made it convenient to choose an outfit and with brands like ARAINNA, the whole process of owning a fashionable dress has become a lot more democratic.”

Brand ARAINNA has already made a place in the hearts of its customers, mostly through word-of-mouth publicity. However, Isha has big plans for the future as well. She wants to continue working hard to turn ARAINNA into a household name when it comes to Indian women and her choice of clothes. She wants ARAINNA to become that “trusted advisor” that women look for while choosing what to wear!

To buy you favourite brand you can visit @ www.arainna.com

Or can even shop from amazon or flipkart 

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