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Rohit Chauhan Is Giving New Heights To Pahari Song Through His Soulful Voice

Rohit Chauhan Is Giving New Heights To Pahari Song Through His Soulful Voice

After belting out 500 songs, Rohit Chauhan is truly known as the singing sensation. With music flowing in his veins, for both parents having been celebrated singers in Uttarakhand, Rohit has made a name for himself quite at a young age.

Just 25 years of age, Rohit is an inspiration for many, particularly the youth in his home state Uttarakhand. The hilly state, nestled between the snow-capped mighty peaks of Himalaya, has for ages loved the rendition of the Pahari song, truly the identity of Dev Bhoomi. And Rohit is on top of the wish list of the connoisseurs of Pahari songs.   

Rohit's father Rajendra Chauhan is a music director. His elder brother is a cinematographer in Mumbai. So, Rohit from an early age found music resonating in his heart. He has belted out a number of albums with his mother Kalpana Chauhan, who is another famous Uttarakhandi singer.

In the past 15 years, Rohit has sung over 500 songs, besides hosting more than 5000 stage shows. Rohit gains happiness from the fact that he has been able to contribute to popularizing the culture of Uttrakhand.

Rohit has also opened a music school in Dehradoon in 2019. Kalpana Sangeetalaya is named after his mother. It aims to train the next generation of musicians while helping underprivileged and talented children of the state.

“Proper guidance is necessary to groom talent. There are many kids and parents who cannot afford to join a music institute. So, Kalpana Sangeetalaya helps such talents with training and chance to perform in live concerts,” says Rohit.

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