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Roshni Bhatia: The Lady with Perfection

Roshni Bhatia: The Lady with Perfection

The world is full of languages, from words to sentences, from gestures to sign, they all differ from each other in a number of ways. A person may not understand certain languages, but surely understands the universal language of fashion. Indeed, the language of fashion is omnipresent and complete in itself. It has been evolving since ages and grows better and better as time passes. While everyone understands the beauty of it, there are some who hold the expertise of defining and creating fashion. Roshni Bhatia is one of such fashionistas, who not only understand but create a trend. 

A recently turned 33-year-old fashion influencer, she has the gained astonishing appreciation and following in a very short period of time. Beginning her influencer career in November 2018, she has over 181K followers on her Instagram handle, @thechiquefactor, and a substantial subscriber base of 323K on her YouTube channel. Roshni is one of the leading fashion influencers from India and has been associated with a number of brands, ranging from Benefit, Ponds, Nivea, Vogue Wedding Show, Hazoorilal, and Stalkbuylove, to name a few.

Mother of an 11 old, Roshni knows how to maintain herself and look is in any outfit she carries, which makes her one of the most unique influencers among all. Along with fashion, she shares content and ideas on beauty, assisting young girls and mothers look best through simple beauty hacks. Her posts majorly target the audience that is willing to experiment with both, fashion and beauty.

The celebratory post of her 33rd birthday was a breath of fresh air for her followers. Getting over 37K likes in merely 7 hours of the post being live shows the amount of affection her followers have for Roshni. She believes fashion and beauty are as natural to her as raising her son. Roshni’s managing skills are praiseworthy of how she manages smoothly between her personal and professional life without any hassles, giving her 100% to what she is doing and not thinking about anything else.

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