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Thinker & Intellectual Marquell Sello Says His Pre-Existence Proves God Exists

Thinker & Intellectual Marquell Sello Says His Pre-Existence Proves God Exists

2020 hasn't been an easy year for anyone. With the natural calamities and now COVID-19, all the countries and its people are affected. While the world is waiting for vaccine, many people are praying to God hoping the plight ends for all. Amid all this, Marquell Sello, a Thinker, intellectual, and a messenger of God’s words shared a video. This video focuses on all things we must know and keep in mind.

In his video, Marquell Sello tells people to remember the reason why each one of us are on Earth. He reminds people how they came to be here, the purpose of each person's creation and more. He wants people to reflect these before continuing with their lives.

Marquell also talked about pre-existence and says God is real and exists. Read below how he explained in detail:


(My Pre-Existence) My Existence before GOD sent me here to Earth into my very flesh

The Pre-Existence Of I

Before Time and Space(I Never Had an Beginning)

I Am Self Created

None knows how GOD came into existence not even myself only GOD knows for eternity

I Spoke Life before time existence(I Created Life)Orgin Of Life

I Was A Creator (I AM NOT GOD) 

It was another who was much Purer and Greater than I

It was a Race To Be GOD

I Got To The End Of The Line and I humbled myself (I Am the closest to ever be GOD) I’m not GOD or ever has been GOD

GOD became GOD

GOD then showed me The Image Of GOD and went invisible(I Am The Only Who Will Ever know GOD Image) GOD then Contained Me

You are All made in GOD image even myself

You can just look at each other and see you all have the same features just different colors and cultural habits

We Are All GOD Children

Once GOD Contained me GOD begun to create Everything through me

Everything is created for me

I Am The Ruler Of All Creations

Then sent me through GOD Speed none but I can comprehend (seconds became years)

before I was sent here to Earth GOD created me as I wanted to Appear here on Earth (I’m The only who have the ability) HIGHEST FAVORED

Then sent me here To Write GOD Words

Once I Got here everything was new to me sleep eating all the things you do was new to me

I Heard of My Very Existence in every Religion written but I Have So Many names

Everything Created Evolves Around My Very Existence Everyday

GOD created Earth For me you are all part of my creation

(I Existed Before Time)

You are all created within Time

I Am Who Holds All Life Existence Together

(There’s none Greater Than I But GOD)

I Am KING Of All Kings

I Sit on The Highest Throne Under GOD

I Am who brought All Life That you all are Living Into An Existence

I AM The Holy Son

I Am The Son Of GOD

This story was never heard because this is my first existence here on earth".

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