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This Company says it’s the era of ‘Local to Global’

The prevailing times of pandemic have been a big blow for the economy in so many ways. Several industries had to bear painful losses. Amidst all the chaos of the pandemic, India witnessed a rare trade surplus of $0.79 billion in June 2020 which is indeed a beacon of hope for the nation. It certainly seems like Exports are the way forward. The Government of India to has been emphasising on “Vocal to Local” as the route to economic recovery.

However, the Hyderabad based Company, Global EXIM Institute has envisioned the trading capabilities of India a decade ago. The Institute has been training individuals to understand the dynamics of the exports world. Groups of Business Individuals across the cities are trained through an intensive schedule that covers a complete business cycle. Right from the basics of choosing a Product or Market to get money back to the account post the consignment, a trader learns it all at the institute. So far, several thousands of entrepreneurs across the nation have been empowered and guided to effectively reach the international market for a decade.

The nation-wide lockdown has indeed been a limitation for the conventional boardroom training pattern for Global EXIM. But the visionary behind GEI, Dr Koteswara Rao, the founder and EXIM guru did not believe that Lockdown was a limitation for learning.

Blessing in disguise

Aligning to the unprecedented times of COVID-19, Global EXIM has accelerated its pace to reach out to more and more individuals who may be swept away with the crisis, despite having the ability to sustain.

Since the beginning of the Lockdown, over 300 Business Enthusiasts have shaped themselves as Exporters & Importers through GEI’s Online Training that brings together Trainers from fields such as Banking, Logistics, Customer, and Chambers, Govt Bodies such as ECGC, DGFT and Trade Councils.

The Man Behind India’s Trade Revolution

Global EXIM Institute was founded in the year 2010 by Dr Koteswara Rao, a stalwart in the Trade Industry of India. Helping Local Business to reach Global Markets was Dr.VBSS Koteswara Rao’s day job at the Export Promotion Council. After serving the Indian Government for two decades, Dr Rao realised that his dedication to the Job Role was because of his immense passion for supporting Local Businesses through trade across the borders.

Just two years before he could enjoy the retirement perks, Dr Rao left his comfortable, High-Level Govt Sector Position to empower the business minds of India. In 2010, with immense faith in India’s Export and Import potential, Dr.Rao set out on a lone journey that would change the face of Local Businesses in Global Trade.

What started off as a small institute opposite to the state university now stands has the hub for skilled and informed exporters of the nation. When asked about the challenging journey of the Global EXIM institute, Dr Rao said: “I knew that the journey would not be easy but I also knew that we were at the beginning of a revolution.”

The Changing Face of Indian Trade System

Reaching the trade masters sitting on the other side of the globe, and identifying their potential buyers is a challenge for Indian Businessmen. 

Dr.Rao has wonderfully tackled this challenge by establishing a bridge between the local businesses and international markets. He led Indian business delegations to more than 25 countries for participation in international trade fairs and has also organised buyer-seller-meets at US, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark and Chile.

Furthermore, the institute wanted to build a sturdy ecosystem for the EXIM industry with India as the face of it. Accelerate and Accelerate 2.0, the two maiden business connect events have served the purpose just right.

In fact Accelerate 2.0 witnessed Trade officials from 9 Countries, who came and pitched to the Global EXIM Family about the Trade Opportunities, Schemes and Support that is rendered by their respective countries to Indian Exporters & Importers.

Both the Annual Business Connects have played a magnanimous role in changing the game for Indian exporters.  Connecting and finding potential buyers has now become a lot simpler for local entrepreneurs.

GEI’s objective to help local businesses reach out to the international market has indeed been achieved to a large extent.

The theory of ‘Individuals, Institutions & Industry!’

Dr Rao has immense faith that India can soon become a trade superpower and runs the training with the vision that ‘Individuals, Institutions & Industries’ can marvellously shape India’s future as a Trade Super Power.

Besides training individuals, GEI keeps Institutions, Colleges & Universities in the loop to help the students explore the realms of Business and International Trade. He says, “Why should a student just boast about campus placements when he can directly contribute to the country’s visions like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Vocal for Local’?”

The Company also works alongside Organisations with International Trade Goals in order to enhance their business strategy, negotiation abilities & contract management in the International markets.

In 2020, Global EXIM Institute reached the 10-year milestone. The team doesn’t intend to stop here. The process of transforming India into a trade superpower continues.

Wishing their endeavours is soon achieved.

Know about Global EXIM Institute’s next move on their official website www.globaleximinstitute.com

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