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TLR | Infinity - The Rising Star

TLR | Infinity - The Rising Star

In March 2019, Tencent’s Timi Studios became the bearer of good news for countless gamers, when they released the mobile version of Call of Duty (COD). The excitement across the world was palpable as the creators saw 100 million downloads in the first week of the launch. Among these shooter-game enthusiasts was a young player who saw this as an opportunity to turn his love for COD into something big. What started as a pastime to blow off some steam, turned into a passion for Sanjog Bhushan aka Infinity. With this launch, he was no longer restricted to his desktop, which served as motivation for him to start competing with international players.

Infinity’s COD love mostly stems from the amount of planning and strategizing the game requires. It’s not just about a kill streak for him, like many young adults, he enjoys the war-like experience that the game has to offer. Notorious for his aggressive stance on the field, Infinity doesn’t shy away from marching headfirst onto the battleground and challenging his opponents. The thrill that comes from rendering your opponent worthless by surrounding them and laying their plans to waste, baffling them when they think they have an upper hand and, striking them at their most vulnerable, is what gets him going. His 4-finger claw technique enables him to make his moves faster meanwhile getting a better grip on his device.

When he joined Aman Khurana’s clan in season 3, he had no clue of the possibilities this collaboration would present. They met during a match and came together to form one of the best teams to play COD mobile, calling themselves The Legends Room (TLR). TLR mostly plays Battle Royale, taking part in various tournaments, in and outside India; a battlefield where a total of hundred players fight till their deaths, with the last standing player or team winning the match.

It was during the starting phase of this collaboration that he explored tactics other than his initial manner and excelled under his friend’s guidance. With time, his gameplay became a combination of aggressive and supportive, adding varied skills to his list, gradually making him an all-rounder. He went on to become one of the exceptional players of the team eventually leading the tournaments that followed. Along with Aman Khurana aka Godkiller, and his ruthless team, Sanjog led the team to many victories. In Tier 1 Super League, a tournament that went on for two and a half months, they bagged the third position. Here, he was announced as the ‘Most Promising and Upcoming Player’. Due to Infinity's striking abilities, his presence of mind and, his on-ground agility, that makes the rival squads nervous; he has become one of the best Battle Royale players in Asia.

TLR, with the combined leadership of Infinity and Godkiller, became India’s only team to play in the Global Tier 1. They are all set to win the upcoming Asia Regional, where Battle Royale team will be led by Infinity and the Multi-player team by Godkiller; they have been eagerly preparing, waiting to practice their moves on the opposing squads in the future Tier1 tournaments in India and around the world.

They are a big clan with each member demonstrating their uniqueness in the arena. They sprint into every match with a different strategy; unpredictability increases their chances of defeating their opponents. Firing his shots according to the on-field situation is one of the principles that he stands by. He is fully aware of the new challenges every game presents and how the opposition’s defence evolves with every game. Therefore, he concentrates on what the game demands rather than a fixed, familiar plan, giving him the domination on the battleground.

Sanjog Bhushan believes in taking an Affiliative leadership approach with his teammates. He lets every member show their skills, acknowledging their efforts on the field. He even believes in stepping back to let his team member score. Their clan is a fine example of comradery, each player with their singular talent, supports and encourages the other. They believe in looking out for each other on the field.

Sanjog Bhushan aka Infinity starts his matches by prepping his team for gruelling face-offs while setting an example with his tactics as they go along. Their post-win celebrations are filled with each player narrating the stories and their favourite moments from the game, which, in the future, will not be confined to their team. There are certain rumours of a gaming house brewing, a place for this talented lot to share their chronicles with more like-minded people.

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