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Trained cadet of Maharashtra Civil force, Harsh Gawali's heroic act is worth a read

In today's time, we come across many stories that inspire each one of us to multiple levels. One such story is about a Pune based guy named Harsh Gawali who is a model and an ardent fitness personality. 

Harsh started his career as a model back in 2015 and is currently working as a senior marketing operation analyst at one of the leading Edtech companies in India.

Last year, In 2019 August, Harsh received a call from MCF team head to go on a rescue operation in Bhilawadi, a small town in Maharashtra, India which was flooded due to heavy rainfall and people in the area were stuck and had no means to get out of the situation. Harsh along with others had to drive for 6 hours until he reached the destination and immediately started the rescue operation with the help of MCF Head Jaypal Dagade Patil and Team NDRF.

Harsh Gawali started the rescue operation at 7 am in the morning and was successful in rescuing 244 people who were stuck in the floods. It was a 12 hours long rescue operation and Harsh who was leading the team had to conduct the entire operation barefoot with stones and other kinds of stuff hurting his leg. Till date, Harsh feels proud of it and the opportunity he received. 

Harsh is a huge fitness enthusiast and athlete. He is a former 55 kgs wrestler too and has achieved milestones in climbing some of the hardest pinnacles of Maharashtra. In addition, Harsh is also a trained cadet of Maharashtra Civil force.

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