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Travel Blogger and Avid Photographer Anunay Sood Shares His Success Journey

Travel Blogger and Avid Photographer Anunay Sood Shares His Success Journey

Introducing Anunay Sood, the epitome of crazy and the definition of passion, a travel blogger and avid photographer from India. He’s one man you need to follow for his beautiful journeys with a 9-5 job! 

He started his journey with a very naive and silly attempt to Spiti, where only after 7 tries to reach paradise, the 8th time was a charm! He went to Chandrataal (after looking at a friend’s photo on BBM at that time) in the month of March, in converse shoes, through knee-deep snow, almost having a near-death experience, which only added fuel to his fire. 

He developed a passion for photography with every trip to the mountains and eventually began planning his life to just live his passion. 

He then started posting his first-hand stories on social media, with increasingly amazing skills and personalized storytelling skills, which eventually got him the 70K followers (admirers, really) on Instagram. 

He moved to Dubai for financial convenience, and also because it’s closer to the world. He now has a full-time job, and also works multiple freelance projects on the side to live the life that he lives. He’s traveled to 8 countries in one year, and his list has just started. Every long week opportunity he sees, every holiday, he plans well in advance and leaves with the chance he gets. 

Calling him inspirational goes without saying; he aims to change the general trend of travel on social media and make everyone believe they can travel! He goes by the saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” and tells all his people the same. 

Do we need another reason to follow this legend? Check his profile here- https://www.instagram.com/anunaysood/

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