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Up Close & Personal with New Age Blogger - Rajshree R Sawant

Up Close & Personal with New Age Blogger - Rajshree R Sawant

“I don't believe in mistakes, I think each and every decision you take professionally as well as in your personal life moulds you into who you are as a person today.“ says Rajshree R. Sawant. 

We had a little tete-a-tete with Ace blogger Rajshree R Sawant, known for her blog The Chicster Diaries. On her blog she shares about Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion & even Travel on her website. In conversation with The India Saga, Rajshree R. Sawant shares some nit-bits about her blogging journey so far. 

What made you take up blogging? 

Blogging to me was a happy accident. It was a hobby that grew into a passion. I had a childhood passion for writing and with my Blog this passion came to life. 

When did you first start blogging? 

My blog is like a safe haven for me to vent out my thoughts on Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle related topics. I composed my first article on the 1st of November 2014. 

Tell us more about how your blog was named, and the idea behind it?

The name Chicster is an amalgamation of Chic & Hipster. The idea behind it was, The Chicster Diaries is an online journal for every makeup, skincare and fashion loving human that doesn’t have to choose between being Chic or Hipster. They can be who they want here. They can simply be a Chicster here. Most importantly, they can be themselves.

Tell us about your journey from a Marketing Major to a Blogger & Influencer?

Yes, I did my Masters in Marketing Management from University of Surrey, UK, post which I joined my family business of Real Estate Development. It was during this time that I stumbled upon blogging as a hobby and found my true calling. 

What has helped you gain followers and readers?

By November this year, I'll complete six years in this field, and I have realised that covering a mix of current trends, classics and audience driven content has certainly helped me grow personally. 

What are your plans for The Chicster Diaries in the future?

In the next 5 years I want to complete many more milestones with The Chicster Diaries. Also, I would love to start my own online store.

What is that one mistake you have made professionally that you would like to take back? 

I don’t believe in mistakes, I think each and every decision you take professionally as well as in your personal life mould you into who you are as a person today. So, I wouldn’t like to take back anything. 

If not for blogging what would have been your choice of profession? 

Being from a Marketing background, I would have have probably been working with a digital marketing agency. I think it would have been the next best fit for me. 

How do you like to spend your spare time? 

Nothing grand, just curling up on my couch with a cup of tea, reading maybe. Cuddling with my dog Kai. Most of my free time is spent with family and close friends. 

Are there any tips you would like to give to aspiring bloggers? 

Firstly, follow your passion and find your niche. Secondly, Content is key. So focus on choosing quality over quantity. Lastly, Consistency is Queen and always will be!


YouTube: TheChicsterDiaries

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