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21-years-old entrepreneur Chaitanya Kapoor is helping brands & influencers grow digitally

Following one’s passion and turning it into a profession is something that only a few people can do that. It comes with a lot of risks. But Chaitanya kapoor  knows that taking risks is an essential part of a career as well as life as a whole. And these risks have landed him to become one of the youngest but professional digital marketers who is also the founder and CEO of two marketing companies. As he grows up, he kept on writing engaging blogs while offering digital marketing services to various clients around the world.Chaitanya kapoor is the founder and CEO of teechlouds and Chaitanya digital solutions.

It is a digital marketing firm that offers various internet and marketing services to both small and big companies, celebrities, or anyone who wants to grow their online presence. With his years of proven marketing techniques and knowledge, he aims to help businesses thrive their online presence at extremely competitive rates. Year by year, the company is reaching new heights only because of the skills and knowledge of Chaitanya. Whether a business company or startup wants to grow their engagement and fan base on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, his company provides all kinds of social media marketing solutions.To date, the chaitanya digital solutions has satisfied many clients in India and around the world. Many of these clients include big companies, renowned Bollywood celebrities, and aspiring global artists. It’s only because of his satisfied clients; he has received global recognition for his amazing work.

When we asked him about his dream, he said, “my dream is to do masters in business administration by cracking IIM.” With his continuous hard work, passion, and experience in digital marketing, Chaitanya  is taking the internet world by storm. He is learning new and honing his existing marketing skills every day. The way Chaitanya is managing two companies and studies side-by-side is commendable. It is something very rare people can do. His success story has become viral on the internet. Thousands of aspiring marketers and even experienced professionals are fascinated by his success at this young age.

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