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369Hub Ventures Acquires Ackrolix Innovations, Pioneering a Paradigm Shift in Ad Agency Ecosystem

369Hub Ventures

369Hub Ventures, a prominent player in the advertising and marketing industry, has made a groundbreaking move by acquiring Ackrolix Innovations. This acquisition is set to pave the way for a paradigm shift in the ad agency ecosystem, particularly in Delhi, India. As part of the Billion Dollar ecosystem under District 369, which spans across India, UAE, and the USA, 369Hub Ventures is renowned for its expertise and experience, boasting a cumulative track record of over 45+ cumulative years in advertising and marketing.


The services offered by 369Hub Ventures encompass a wide range of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. The agency's service offerings fall under three distinct categories: Consulting, Creative, and Digital solutions. These comprehensive services cater to clients ranging from startups to corporate entities, providing them with unparalleled strategies and innovative marketing solutions.


Upon the completion of this landmark acquisition, Saleem Nawaz Mandi Shaikh, the Director of 369Hub Ventures Private Limited, expressed his excitement and vision for the future. He stated, "With the integration of Ackrolix Innovations into our ecosystem, we are poised to create a new era of advertising excellence. This strategic move strengthens our capabilities and expands our reach, allowing us to better serve our clients and drive their success in an evolving industry landscape."


Directors of Ackrolix Innovations Private Limited, Jay Gulati, Vivek Mandal, and Subrata Sarkar, also shared their thoughts on this significant milestone. Jay Gulati emphasized, "By joining forces with 369Hub Ventures, we are opening doors to limitless possibilities. Our shared vision and synergies will allow us to revolutionize the ad agency ecosystem and unlock unparalleled growth opportunities."


Vivek Mandal further added, "This acquisition not only amplifies our strengths but also enables us to tap into a wider network of clients and resources. We are confident that together, we will set new benchmarks in the industry."


Subrata Sarkar echoed the sentiment, stating, "The integration of our expertise and capabilities with 369Hub Ventures represents a turning point in the advertising landscape. This partnership will enable us to deliver innovative, data-driven strategies to our clients, propelling their businesses to new heights."


This strategic move by 369Hub Ventures, in acquiring Ackrolix Innovations, marks a significant shift in the ad agency ecosystem. With their expanded range of services and increased expertise, the combined entity is well-positioned to offer comprehensive solutions to clients, empowering them to navigate the ever-evolving advertising landscape effectively.


This acquisition is expected to create ripples throughout the industry, particularly in Delhi, as it brings together two powerhouse organizations that are at the forefront of innovation and creativity. The synergy between 369Hub Ventures and Ackrolix Innovations is set to set new standards in advertising, raising the bar for excellence and driving positive change in the Indian market.


As 369Hub Ventures continues to spearhead advancements in the ad agency ecosystem, clients can look forward to receiving cutting-edge strategies, groundbreaking campaigns, and holistic digital solutions. With their collective expertise and passion for driving success, this acquisition signals a promising future for both agencies and their clients alike.


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