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Abhayraj Gohil – Meet Bhavnagar’s young entrepreneur, CEO of ShivBuild India, Setting new milestones

Abhayraj Gohil is a Bhavnagar based business visionary who is generally known for his lifestyle and way of life. He is the owner of Bhavnagar's greatest road development organization that is Shivbuild India Pvt Ltd. His organization has government contracts in Gujarat just as outside Gujarat in Punjab, Southern India, and have constructed Bhavnagar city's significant roads. Aside from being the most youthful proprietor and CEO of his road development organization, Abhayraj Gohil is additionally known for carrying on with an extravagance life that primarily incorporates conferences abroad and traveling various nations for investigating various kinds of life and meeting various individuals.

With numerous up and coming undertakings that Abhayraj is right now chipping away at, he is likewise a motivation for the youth of Bhavnagar and Muldhrai. Abhayraj is an accomplished specialist at a youthful age. He himself took a shot at different ventures in his organization out of which the most significant one was his initial 114 crore venture near Bhavnagar. With high pay comes high costs and Abhayraj is tied in with carrying on with the best quality life. Abhayraj doesn't plan to stop, his best undertakings are yet to come. He is additionally extremely attached to displaying his way of life via web-based networking media like Instagram. Other than that, Abhayraj holds an enthusiasm for a noble cause and gifts. Additionally, he has helped and supported more than 69 helpless works in Bhavnagar to guarantee they arrive at their home securely when India was in all-out lockdown and the world saw the cruelest time throughout the entire existence of humanity, the coronavirus pandemic.

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