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According to five-term MP Rajan Sushant, "Op Lotus" poses a threat to democracy

An ex-BJP member from Kangra who just joined the AAP claims that the BJP is no longer a party of ideas but rather a corporate organization.

A few days after joining the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), former Kangra MP Rajan Sushant blasted the BJP, calling it a "threat to India's democratic set-up." At a press conference held on Friday in Dharamshala, Sushant said that the BJP's "Operation Lotus" was damaging democracy by participating in horse dealing.


An assert that you can't trust- Congress


He said that eight of the 11 Congress lawmakers in Goa have switched to the BJP. 10 Congress MLAs defected to the saffron brigade in 2019 the party. According to the former MP, the Congress has lost support across the nation and is almost finished in Himachal. "Therefore, I implore the people of Himachal Pradesh not to believe in the Congress. Voting for the Congress would be equivalent to voting for the BJP because the latter promises to establish the government regardless of the outcome, according to Sushant. The BJP he once belonged to, he claimed, was "no longer a party of ideals; it is a party of businesspeople and corrupt."


BJP and Congress make claims in a friendly game


He claimed that the AAP was the third choice being considered by the populace. He claimed that in Himachal Pradesh, the BJP and the Congress were engaging in friendly politics by switching off as the government and obscuring one another's wrongdoing. "The corrupt will be condemned to jail like it's happening in Punjab," he added if they were elected to power.

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