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Actor Mandeep Singh - The new face in bollywood to watch out for

Manoeuvring through tough times and a radicalised society, Mandeep Singh is hopeful that great days are yet to come.

Not only known for its scenic beauty, but also known for producing and giving the best of the actors in the film industry. One of them is up and coming, Mandeep Singh who hails from Sirsa,Haryana.

Soon the audience is going to see this 24-year-old charming personality on the big screen. He has done his graduation from CDLU . Born with a courageous heart, finest acting skills, he believes in breaking stereotypes.

The journey hasn’t been easy for him. He has gone through a lot of obstacles of conservative mentality, pulled down but has never given up. He was trolled on social media and criticized by a radicalized society of Haryana but no one could stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Truly inspiring all the way, he has managed to change the conception of perfection for people who look up to achieve big in life. All you need to be is a brave consistent soul and lead the path to your goal.

When asked him about the struggles, he said that the political condition of the state and the criticizing nature of people was the major pullbacks. Getting fame at a very young age is not easy. He said, “I keep my heart on sleeves. Pouring my happiness into the void I carry because then only I will vibrate resonance”.

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