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Alpesh Rawal battled his way through life and reached the peaks of success

Alpesh Rawal, being an influencer, entrepreneur, owner of Garba academy Nav9Rang, battled his way through life and reached the peaks of success. He was a gold medallist in Mumbai university of Engineering and he is an MBA in marketing.
Since his childhood, Alpesh has been fond of dancing and Navratri was the festival he always looked forward to. But over the course of time, life has different plans for him. After his MBA, he started working with a private bank. He tackled his way through life, travelled in crowded trains every day, and at the end of the day, he questioned himself and the way he was leading his life. It got much worse when he was depressed and started questioning his existence.

When life threw stones at Alpesh, he got ahold of those stones and started building his life. After recovering from depression, he had the support of his family and friends for whatever he wished to do. He found a job at a construction company with a mass of 500 employees and he’s a partner now! He also had the urge to lose the extra weight and thus, decided to fight his way through. Around this time, he found the love of his life and also her Lady Luck, Bhumi. He’s compatible and strong in every way possible.

After reaching the peaks of success, he now decided to pursue his passion for dancing and Garba and thus, founded and became the owner of the Nav9Rang Garba academy. It wasn’t easy to rise above the competing Garba academy, but Alpesh never barged a single bit. The sleepless nights and his hard work did pay off. He worked tremendously and he was extremely passionate about his academy.

Upon being asked why he wanted to pursue this ambition, Alpesh said, “I don’t intend to live with any regrets. We have one life to live and I want to make the most out of it.” He is truly an inspiration to many who think they can’t pursue their passion.

His journey has been filled with obstacles and many ups and downs but he never sensed the need to give up. Some of his life lessons are truly inspiring;

  1. Be consistent. You need to be consistent with what you start. Never procrastinate or stop midway. Keep working till you reach a point of recognition.
  2. Aim to be successful not famous. People often forget that the reason they started doing something was to be successful and not to be famous. Your work defines you. Keep grinding till you reach the successes that you’ve set for your life, being famous is never important.

His wisdom and motivating words have always influenced the ones who are in his company. With his never-ending hunger and grinding, Alpesh is making his way towards the heights of success and is working tirelessly towards his Garba academy. He now wishes to conduct shows on the international level and work towards opening different franchises.

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