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We The Influencers to launch its Merchandise on March 14

An e-commerce platform for the trendsetters of today

The recent decade has seen the burgeoning rise of social media networks and of the audience that signs into these platforms each day. With that has risen the concept of social media influencers manifold. Amongst the skyrocketing 1.36 billion people in India alone, almost 70 percent of users log in to their social media accounts each day. 

Today, people keep digital content creators on higher pedestals because viewers can relate to their journey, unlike big-screen celebrities. This avenue has also given a host of opportunities to content creators in addition to the value that they generate for themselves with people following them through thick and thin.

With an unusual rise in influencer marketing, there is a need for platforms to operate in boosting an influencer's reach by providing bigger and better opportunities to help them connect with a wider audience.

Talking about one such initiative, ‘We The Influencers’ is the first-ever platform to put the cornerstone as they are launching their exclusive merchandising platform on March 14th, 2021. They believe that the best way to reach the masses is through a digital escapade.  

Catering to the budding influencers who are on the journey of making it big in the digital sphere, WTI is a platform ‘by the influencer, for the influencer and of the influencer’. Through this progression, the venture plans on giving a voice to the perpetual pursuit of varied content creators, trendsetters, and digital warriors of any shape and kind.

The ideation of this platform stems from the burgeoning desire that revolves around the concept of bringing the influencer community closer and enhancing their reach and engagement on the field via 'We The Influencers’.

Their aesthetic range of products includes printed t-shirts, mugs, and badges revolving around the most trendy social media trends, quirky hashtags, and catchphrases. Their token of gesture is for recognizing trendsetters who put themselves out socially to create a high-quality blog, video, graphic, post, picture, and anything and everything under the sun that inspires people.

Understanding the hustle behind being an influencer, We The Influencers takes pride in inviting influencers on their platform and values their contribution towards consistently creating content for their audiences.  
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