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Anil Parab' s Sachin Vaze is Bajrang Kharmate who collects extortion money for RTO Transfers... a 200 crore scam for every year

Parab, Dhakne & Kharmate in Rs 500 Cr corruption scandal

Maharashtra State Transport Minister Anil Parab, Transport Commissioner Avinash Dhakne & Wardha Deputy RTO Bajrang Kharmate neck deep in Rs 500 Crore corruption scandal involving immoral and illegal transfers in state RTO.
CBI should enquire these officials.

Anil Parab took charge of the State Transport Ministry in January, 2020 and since then, his only job has been to raise money by transferring officers and do deals.

Kharmate,Deputy RTO Wardha already collected 200 crores last year 2020 for transfers.

Kharmate has already collected money in advance for transfers in the order of 200 crores for this year 2021 on behalf of Anil Parab and Avinash Dhakne.The money is distributed amongst these officials and the minister.

Nashik RTO Bharat Kalaskar works as an agent and collects money in behalf of Avinash Dhakne. Bajrang Kharmate collects money for Minister Anil Parab and Commissioner Dhakne. Pune RTO Jitendra Patil is another important cog in the wheel.
Kharmate has attained all illegal promotions with wrong deem dates.He is involved in deem date scam.He now wants another deem date promotion.its a deem date scam.Minister Anil Parab wants to please him because he has given lots of money to the minister.

In his entire service period, Kharmate has attained promotions only by illegal means and has amassed huge wealth and properties. Apart from his 2 bunglows in Pune, he has 4 LG Showrooms and two jewellery showrooms in Pune. He also owns a Tanishq jewellery franchisee in Indore.

Bharat kalaskar gets 35 lac per month as RTO Nashik, he gets 50 lac more for additional charge of Dhule District. But despite that, his greed for more has led to many false allegations against his colleagues and junior officers.

Mr Bajrang Kharmate has been suspended twice earlier.

The Central Government and all law enforcement agencies in the country should take action against Anil Parab, Avinash Dhakne & Bajrang Kharmate who are into corrupt practices.

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