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Asort believes in maintaining high ethical standards, to give it's customers a memorable experience

Asort Company is soaring high in the country with its extensive co-commerce platform. Evolving through the diverse phases of its expansion, Asort Company has built trust among business holders and consumers hailing from the different parts of the country. Roshan Singh Bisht – CEO and Co-Founder of Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd. says that, “Today Asort Company is considered to be one of the leading examples of digital India, which is also inspiring many individuals for new start-ups and experiment with their unique business ideas, and as far as the trust building and ethics are concerned Asort Company equally believes prioritizing right ethical governance. It also more emphasizes on inspiring consumers to be well informed about their rights as a consumer and companies’ ethics they should follow.”

Talking about the industry at large, there are a number of companies which have worked up to the level of unethical means. Countless reports about stooping low with illegal practices, falters and frauds pose bigger challenges. Especially during this COVID 19 pandemic, a major section of the society got duped to the unfortunate level of disappointment that too in the time of prevailing distress. Potter Stewart rightly quoted, “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do” and Asort Company has never compromised with its ethics, even in the time of pandemic and economic crunch it has helped its associates and kept their faith.

Being a co-commerce platform Asort App and other online channels offer a wide range of brands like IFAZONE, Mr Huffman, ABG and Amiiga etc. and a huge community of business holders is associated with it. It surely develops a sense of extended responsibility to ensure authenticity of transactions at every level. One needs to go through the basic structure of these sets of ethics compliances. Asort Company talks about majorly two types of compliances, one is Statutory industrial compliances (Regulated by Ministry of Consumer Affairs) and second one is Secretarial compliances (every company is supposed to follow).

Going by the Statutory compliances Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd.’s Asort Company is covered under direct buying-selling category as well as E- commerce category. Hence it follows both type compliances and guidelines. These compliances majorly revolve around the guidelines and requirements about maintaining authenticity with consumers, they majorly look for things like- an authentic numbers to contact, right and confirmed display of information on website etc. The same governing body asks for particular documents to be submitted to the government by the company. Along with that Legal Metrology department seeks other concerned verifications from the companies. Also there are laws regarding data protection, IT laws, competition commission laws etc.

As far as Secretarial Compliances are concerned, it has internal community compliances to ensure company’s members do not falter at any level.  Ambrish Ranjan, Head- Compliance, Corporate Affairs and VOC, Asort said that, “following its own ethos of ethical business practices Asort Company is associated with dedicated government recognized auditors to audit and monitor government driven compliances at every level, be it financial, operational, industrial etc. 

Ambrish Ranjan further added "Apart from that we have our own internal community related compliances team to monitor the community. Asort Company does not compromise on ethics and if any community member is found doing unethical practices we won’t blink an eyelid before taking action against them. The essence of co-commerce is community building which is surely not possible without people’s trust building.”

Roshan Singh Bisht – CEO and Co-Founder of Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd. said that“we can share an example here in this regard. Our company doesn’t accept cash at any level as there may be a possibility to falter and ask for more cash off record. Hence for the sake of transparency and recorded documentation the transactions are told to be done online. If still any community member asks for cash and it is brought to the company’s attention, the internal compliance team immediately takes action without fail. We have a dedicated customer care number and members to protect consumer’s rights.”

What makes Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd.’s Asort Company more unique in regards to abiding by ethics is their distinct video verification department of purchase. This is to ensure the authenticity of the purchases at a certain level. The person making purchases is supposed to share a video in which she or he is explaining and accepting that the referral is authentic. There are certain guidelines for that video verification and internal community compliances team looks into the matter and confirms. Once the video is verified only then the same purchases are allowed in order to safeguard buyer’s and seller’s interest.

The community based model in business is surely new for the Indian consumers and business holders but with consistency and keeping members’ faith around 5 lakh people have been touched upon through online channels in one and a half year span. Roshan Singh Bisht says that while maintaining a larger community’s faith in the process Asort Company is also concerned about review managements and consumer rights. Asort Company believes that irrespective of the challenges in upcoming years the same level of honesty and trust building will make their foundation stronger.

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